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Sinking without trace...

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Oddly enough I got a form today for 'Carers credits' they will pay the low rate National insurance for me - a whole new society of unpaid carers is being created. Please dont let this panic anyone, Im sure this is an isolated case and I will let you all know if we get the carers allowance re-instated. I have just been on the government website to see what I could claim - carers allowance Image Image I will not be defeated because I can't let them beat me. Chinarosie I am happy you got the help you needed - justly so. The powers that be really don't understand our roles do they, its all to complicated - like the possibility that a deaf child has nightmares which must be even more terrifying than someone who has hearing.

... you're quite right. Don't give up.

We're all behind you (wishes there was a smilie with a determined look and raised fist of determination but that is what this is anyhow..)

hi everyone, my husband had a heart attack in august 2010, 66% of his heart muscle has died(he's 52) and he has mitral reflux(leaking heart valve) and is also diabetic, i applied for DLA in october and was refused, my husband is permanantly breathless and i have to help him to get to the bathroom, i put in an appeal in october and he tribunal is on the 17th june,4 weeks after his heart attack the DWP sent for him to attend a back to work interview,i explained he was not well enough to attend at that time, they told me if he did not attend our benifits would be stopped, so i managed to get him to the interview, because of his medication and very low fitness level he fell asleep in the interview, we were told we could at that point go home and it was recorded that he had attended. two weeks later the DWP sent for him to attend this back to work programme,so we appealed again, because we appealed they took £40 a fortnight off us leaving us with £65 per week to live on. this past winter was shocking and the electric meater was using £10 per day just with one electric fire in the living room, the bedroom became so damp through lack of heating we had to sleep on the sofa in the living room, and then the reserve electricity runs out and we are in the dark, i called the DWP and explained that if my husband was to catch a cold it could soon turn to phneumonia, but they just told me we were getting sufficiant money to live on.my husband is now confind to the house as we no longer can afford to tax and insure our car.we have to get a friend to take him to his hospital appointments and he is using a neighburs disabled shower as i am not strong enough to take his weight and i am frightened we will fall, can someone please advise me we cannot get through another winter.

thank you
So sad to hear this story.To start with, send this post exactly as you have written it, to your MP. I had a letter from mine the other day,which said, "genuinely ill or disabled people do not have ot worry,"so let your MP know that you are terrified. Tell him you are prepared to contact your local paper if this is not addressed.
Phone your Council,ask for a Carers Assessment for you,and an assessment for your husband's needs. Tell them it is urgent,try to pin them down to a date and time, while you are on the phone. When they do an assessment,then they may be able to give you support for your husband to have a shower in his own home. It is not good enough or fair to either of you, if he has to go elsewhere.
Contact your GP surgery,tell them your husband needs transport to hospital when he has appointments. He will then be able to be picked up from the door and dropped back off again afterwards.
This must be terrifying for you.I hope you are able to get some help.
I am sure that there will be more people along later who may have more advice, or know more than me about where to turn.
Welcome to the forum Alicia

I am disgusted at the way you have been treat by the DWP but sadly its not uncommon nowdays, Lazydaisy is right in that you should contact your local MP.

Have you got someone to help you at the DLA trubunal, I went with someone to theirs a few months ago and they try to catch the disabled person out all the time, the man I went with should be on full rate care and mobility but because he has speech and memory problems they really got him into a tizz and he was refused DLA, it was horrible.

Keep on posting letting us know how you are getting on x
thank you everyone,i have a solicitor with us at the tribunal, my husband is very worried because during his heart attack his heart and brain were starved of oxygen so he has a delay in his memory, the solicitor says it will be ok as i will get my chance to speak when we get to the carers side of thing,,i'm not so sure, i have lost all faith in our government, we have both worked and paid our tazes all our lives, never once have we claimed benifits
Make sure that your solicitor asks right in the beginning for you to be able to speak, I should have done that and when I started answering as the man stutters terribly thwy said no Mr A has to speak, so what should have taken half an hour took 2 as you can imagine with someone with a stutter, and they really made him confused and trip up with his answers in fact they were evil
i have already been told that when they are talking to my husband i will not be able to speak, however anything my husband forgets i can mention when it comes to the carers side of the claim, my biggest worry is my husband has said that loosing this tribunal is not an option for him, he says he is 52 and has no quality of life anymore and he will not struggle through another winter, should i mention this to the court or my solicitor? i don't want them to think he is trying to manipulate the outcome in any way, but i am at my whits end. if anyone can help i would much apreciate it
Talk you your solicitor, Alicia. They'll need as much information as possible but will also need to make the decision about what could and what shouldn't be said.
just been informed one of my husband's tribunals has been put back to novemberm the DLA tribunal is still on the 17th june. that will be 15 months waiting for the ESA tribunal