SIADH & coping with a Catheter - any advice

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In a nutshell, my Mother was admitted to Hospital again last week with dangerously low Sodium levels.

She has a permanent Urethral Catheter for Retention (she is unable to 'go' without it). It has been constantly blocking for about the last 6 months, and I am having to call on District Nurses day and night to perform bladder washes, or the Out of Hours GP if its too late for the Nurses, and deal with wet bedding when it bypasses, Mother in tears with the pain and upset etc.

Doctors are telling us we need to cut Mother's fluid allowance yet again - District Nurses tell us she needs to drink more to help keep the Catheter draining and free from blocking.

Nobody seems to have a real answer to this issue, we just keep getting told that 'its a delicate balance' and a Suprapubic Catheter has been suggested - which I gather can still block. We have an appointment to see a Urologist, but not until late July. I think she will be coming home again either today or over the weekend.

Sometimes we feel like we are just 'stuck in the middle' having to deal with this - especially at night when it always seems to happen more than in the day. Before my Mum went in Hospital she was saying she dreaded going to bed. I just feel so useless in the middle of the night when it happens and we have to wait hours for help and all I can offer is pain killers and a hot water bottle.

Sorry, I tried to keep this short, but waffled as usual.
Just needed to vent a bit!
I could have written this post! My mother is a frequent blocker. The urologist has ordered a flexible cystoscopy where a camera is inserted into bladder to look for debris.

Mum has been encouraged to drink more. She has also had low sodium.

Disposable absorbent bed/chair liners with a plastic backing could help with the laundry issue, but t they are not for people with bed sores/pressure ulcers on air mattresses or pressure cushions.
Thank you Rosemary. Its nice to know there are other people out there struggling with this issue (but not at all nice for them I know!).

We have a Repose Mattress (to try to prevent pressure sores) with a Kylie(?) sheet on top. Plus a Repose cushion that we sometimes put a small towel on top of - but then the Nurses said that defeated the object of a Repose cushion.
Mother has had a Cystoscopy and Kidney Ultra Sound Scan last year.

We sometimes see 'debris' in the tube and lots of times have pinched the tube leading to the leg bag that seems to send up a tiny air bubble that sometimes dislodges a 'blob'..... then the urine rushes down - but this doesn't always work. Mother has had open sided catheters and open ended.