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U need to get the ball in motion now, as it can take awhile,,

i have this with Amy, she leaks and logs like theres no tomorrow so is always int he bath inthemorning,, got the shower sorted but no bars, hopefully 2morrow as have waited for 2 yrs.. u need to get a good OT to fight on your behalf as it gets tiereing but worth it in the end Image
I agree that the process can feel like it takes forever, but the good news is (at least if you're in council housing) that you can probably get the cost fully covered.

The first people to talk to are Social Services and an Occupational Therapist. An OT will be sent out anyway if you apply for a comunity Care Grant (not sure if it's the same for the Disabled Facility Grant), and they'll usually look at every need the person has, balancing it against what is realistic in the space you've got and what you're willing or able to use. eg If you need a shower and a shower seat, could you also do with lever taps, grab rails near the toilet, something to help you out of bed etc?

If you're already sure that you want a walk in / roll in shower (for the sake of a young man's dignity & independance as well as economy), you'll have to make this abundantly clear or you'll be stuck with a bath + disability adaptations and the devil's own job to get a shower funded!

Good luck, it can be a slog but it'll be well worth it.
thats a good point r u council housing? as if u have a good OT u wont have to pay. AND im sure if adaptations r needed if u privately rent the landlord pays up front and then geets the money back