Sheltered Housing/Extra care timescales

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Hi guys

Things have recently changed in a big way. I met a wonderful man, my dad got very jealous, eventually we decided it was best for us all if i moved out of my dads house and he went into a care home. We looked at care homes, he did not like them and they did seem too much for his current needs. So we spoke to the social and finally after 2 months of wrangling and me saying I was moving out and WOULD NOT be providing any more care, we have carers in twice a day. Still waiting on any cash payments from the social, and still have not had a financial assessment to see how much he will need to pay. But I have seen the light of freedom and I am not going back!!

So sorting all of this and moving myself out has been challenging, I'm still living here half the time at the moment. I'm now looking to move him into sheltered accommodation until he can sell his house then go into extra care. I have applied for several housing associations and have heard NOTHING back. They will not take him into the extra care place he likes because it is in a different borough, it will be a different story if he is self funding once he sells house but we can't really sell house until he goes into sheltered and we can tidy it up and put it on the market.

How long does it generally take to get sheltered accommodation? There are some available locally but we haven't received any news about our registration so can't apply for them and I can't get through to them. I will try again today, anyone been here before?
Sheltered housing ?

Following links will be of assistance : ... d-housing/ ... ed-housing

Suffice to add , a real post code lottery ... some waiting lists out there are years long.

An Internet search will reveal many properties for sale designed for senior citizens ... some with wardens paid for through the monthly service charges ... which can vary in accord with the area and market price of the property.

Needless to add , the terms and conditions of some of those out there are very onerous.
Thank you, I have already read, read and re-read all of the info, and applied for all of them but not heard back. You are right it must be a postcode lottery, the standard of the service we have received so far has been shocking.
Sheltered housing is akin to the effect of the bedroom tax.

Far too many need to downsize ... downsize to what and where , exactly ... smaller properties are simply not available.

Hull alone ... now 13 on a waiting list for every one property becoming available ... was 10 for every one only two years ago.

Needless to add , the Right to Buy hasn't helped ... sold properties not replaced.

Same for sheltered housing ... demand comfortably exceeds supply.