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she has to pay £15 towards DP

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I meant not happy in respite
I meant not happy in respite
I would suggest that you start by getting details from your local authority about who they charge, what they charge for, and their financial assessment procedure. In my area that would involve someone from Social Services coming to visit, and viewing copies of all financial paperwork for your daughter, bank statements, benefit letters etc. Has this been done for your daughter? The person doing the assessment should also be able to advise you if she doesn't have all the benefits which she is entitled to. My son gets Income Support and doesn't pay the Local Authority for his care, but he receives care from the Independent Living Fund which he contributes to - part of his DLA Care and part of his IS relating to his disability. He rents his flat from a private landlord, around £500 per month, but that is paid for entirely by Housing Benefit. In my opinion Care Managers would benefit from some training in financial matters - what their clients are entitled to etc. Money won't cure anything but it sure as heck makes life easier! Good luck.
My daughterbdoesnt get income support and doesn't qualify for independent living fund as she does does not fit criteria as far as l. Know you have to be getting so much paid for by social work to. Qualify for independent living fund she lives at home with me at the moment we are waiting on outcome for self directive support which would mean she would also get direct payments to pay for centre she also attends at the moment this is paid for by social work its a minefield and the assessment as done for. SDS last march but we haven't seen social worker since
If your daughter is unable to work due to her disability then she should be entitled to some benefits unless she has a private income of some sort. My son is 34 and has had IS since his 16th birthday, I know things have changed since then, especially the titles of the benefits, and the eligibility criteria, but I understand that people who genuinely can't work are still entitled. Obviously everyone's situation is different, but I think it's worth getting some benefits advice. Jill
My daughter gets DLA high care and High mobility and incapcity benefit social worker said to take money for direct payments from her incapcity benefit as far as lm aware she cannot get income support due to incapcity benefit l get incapcity benefit and s small supperanuation pension l was getting dla low care and low mobility and got more housing benefit because the both of us where getting dla care but this will change next mth as my dla has been changed to mobility only because l was getting care component the didn't count my daughters £9 per wk towards rent but this will be added on next month as l will no longer be getting care component it is all double Dutch to me
I hadn't realised your daughter was getting Incapacity Benefit - my son gets Income Support. I think it would be worth getting some benefits advice, even if they only explain to you what you are entitled to in a way you can understand. I've got a degree in Business Studies but some of the rules and regulations even defeat my understanding. I'm sure it would be cheaper for the country to have a simpler system that we can all understand, then the DWP wouldn't make so many mistakes?! Jill
Ye I think I will thanks we have a drop in surgery at our local welfare office on a Mon I will go there thanks again for your help
ref personal care scotland ,,we were assesed as having to pay the first 53 pounds per week after that the councill would pay ,the financial assesor visited and was very nice,but household income was calculated hence contribution.
Thanks for that Fraser so I've got off lightly then if you have to pay £53 but then my daughter is only getting social care as l do all personal care