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selling house to pay for care

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I'm having trouble getting printed information from Manchester City Council about the why's and wherefor's of paying for residential care. I've managed to search out some stuff myself (Age UK website is helpful). One specific point eludes me though. House is already on market for sale at full market price. Hasn't sold after 12 months. Parent seems likely to need residential care in near future, presently in sheltered accommodation having moved out of house 3 years ago. So, as I understand it, the Council will place a charge on the house in respect of parent's care home fees (there's not much in the way of cash savings). The specific point I'm trying to find out is whether the Council could force a sale of the house at below market value, to get back their money, instead of waiting for a sale at market value? In other words, could they force a quick sale at a knock-down price?
I've also gleaned these other points - have I understood them correctly?
1. The charge doesn't go on the house for 12 weeks once parent moves into residential care?
2. The "loan" is interest-free?
3. When, if at all, does interest kick in?
We're reviewing all options at the moment. I have a couple of other queries about home care but will post them under that heading.
Have just about been ground down by social services not only not speaking to each other but not speaking to me as though I've got a brain! I seem to get bits and pieces of information doled out to me as though they're holding the bag of tricks and I'm not allowed to know all that's inside.
Thanks a lot.
I've replied to your other post. I think it would be a very good idea for you to take professional advice about selling the house, and funding residential care. The Carers UK helpline will be able to give advice too, it's a tricky subject.
rent the home out, the income from the home may well pay for both residential care and social care ... many wealthy home owners with savings are now looking into doing this when the Dilnot recommendations come into force, they must pay the first £72-000 for social care if they rent the home out that will pay for the first £72-000 then if they live long enough the tax payer picks up the social care bill and the "home owner " continues to receive the rent ... simples...

don't forget it is not just residential care what they now call the hotel costs, you may also have to pay for social care ..