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Selfish Pig's Guide to Caring - book - Carers UK Forum

Selfish Pig's Guide to Caring - book

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Has anyone read this book? I obtained a copy via an advertisement in Forward Magazine (Spinal Injury Association's mag) and I would recommend it to anyone who is a carer. It's written by a carer, sometimes in a light-hearted way and sometimes in a serious manner, depending on the chapter topic, but it tells it like it is. I find it a great thing to dip into when I'm heading for a 'crash' point, it lifts my spirits and gives me another insight into things and advice. Covers everything from 'Why care at all?', 'SEX', 'Give me a break' and 'The messy stuff'. The cartoon drawings are so funny and true.
Yes. I have it. Couldn't put it down. I cried with laughter in some parts of it. Image
Hugh Marriott, you literaly saved my life. My daughter bought me that book when I was at my lowest ebb ever in my life. Life had become awful. I was living with this "stranger" who I had married some 40 odd years before. The most beautiful woman that I had ever seen became my wife. We had a wonderful time in those years in between. Three great kids, admittedly we had to live with deep depression a lot of the time, but what had hit us like an express train was Vascular Dementia caused by TIAs mini strokes. I had to give up my thriving business Decorating. A job that I loved. We lost everything we had worked for and ended up on benefits to survive. Life had become a cruel nightmare. I just didn't no what to do or how to do it. "The Selfish Pigs Guide to Caring" showed me the way. I cried and I laughed my way through it. So many other people in far far worse situations than we were. It made me stop feeling sorry for myself and gave me the kick start that I needed to carry on. Jill gradually got better. The brain was repairing it self as much as it ever could.
I shall remain eternally grateful to that wonderful caring man who's book came like a godsend.

Thank you Hugh

Are you on commission by any chance.... Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
No Rob, wish I was! Every little helps as they say. Image
I found this book such a help, making me see the lighter side of caring. Didn't know there was one before! I felt really down and alone. It's good to realise others have far more to deal with (in my case).
Hi Pete

Thanks for sharing part of your life with us.
Your story is one that is repeated so many times in people life's i have experienced it and so have many other's have to.
It's when i read it word for word that I know i am not the only one that feels that way and believe Mate you have made my day.
And i still say that Pat is the most beautiful girl in the world also.
And today we have been married 45 years and been together 47 pat still looks like that 17 year old girl i met 47 years ago.
And after her heart attack and all thing's that have gone wrong with her still never ever said why me my greatest inspiration to me is Pat.
Thanks again Pete.
Happy Anniversary John & Pat! Lots of love from us two. We'll have been married 45 yrs next April 25th. We met in the October of 1962, so haven't known each other as long as you and Pat. As I said before Jill was 23 and I was only 19 nearly 20 in the same month A "Toy Boy" Image
Bless you mate for your kind words, you've made my day too!

Happy Days


(I bet some on here will have their violins out..... Image )
I cried my eyes out at the sentiments from you gents.

I hope you tell your beloveds how you feel....because there is never a time we women don`t want to hear we`re loved.

I met my OH at a dance hall when I was bearly 15 years old and for me it was love at first sight, but for him, fifteen years older than me, it was completely taboo to be anything other than dancing partners, and brilliant we were at it too, I may say.

It means I am a "wicked witch of a stepmother, complete with broomstick, pet name STEPWITCH" instead of a mum, but that`s real life.

Never a day passes without me being told how much I am loved, and it makes the bad days bearable, and the good days brilliant.

Take care
Happy Anniversary John and Pat Image Image

We lost the lot too when my OH got struck down, home, business, the lot. Very dark time in our lives, but we got through it and all we lost were things. We still have what is most important in life Image