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Heavy Heart - tick tock tick tock - Carers UK Forum

Heavy Heart - tick tock tick tock

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Does your heart ever hurt, likes its gonna burst or drop through your body with the weight it is feeling.

My hubby was diagnosed 3 years ago on May 22nd. We were told 6 months to 3 years - and 3 years would be way too optimistic.

Today someone said "blimey 3 years - hasn't he done well"

Well Yes he/we have. Year 1 we celebrated on May 22nd - we said Yeah two fingers up to you wretched disease. Year 2 we celebrated - we said ha ha still fighting "up yours".

As we approach year 3 theres no denying the disease is winning. Damn!!!!!

However hard caring can be - I would start the clock all over again. Heavy heart today.
(((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))), yes I do know that heavy heart feeling. x x
Hi Rach123,

horrid situation to be in, life in limbo......

My hubby had a very serious stroke 5 years ago, April 10th 2007, the Doctors said he would probably have a maximum of 5 years left.
I am dreading this years anniversary.

Tick tock, tick tock

(keep watching him sleeping, making sure he's breathing)

Take care, we do understand
It`s strange how being a carer can make us grateful for such things,and when you say you would do it all again,i was talking about that with a friend last night.Yes,i would go through the caring and death of my partner Trish again,and i would go through caring for my parents again.Sure,i would rather be going through the good times again,but that doesn`t mean that everything else is bad.Anyway,it`s the bad days that make the good days good. Image Image Image
((((((hugs)))))) Rach.x
Yes I understand how you are feeling - we were told our son wouldn't see 18 and he will be 27 in July - so I agree re tick tock Image

Big hug to Rach123 and other posts on this topic. Many years ago when Mum and Dad had a serious car accident I remember being told by a doctor who was handling the insurance claim that Mum was on "borrowed time". Mum was only 52 at the time - she was a very strong character and fought throughout her battle with, amongst other things, COPD and passed away at 71...she obviously "borrowed" many years!

Bell x
Thank you all for your replies and support. Bless you all so much.

My husband knows I am sad today. He has no speech so each letter is spelled out on a letter board, confused by bad spelling, tiredness and carbon dioxide build up but today he spelled "my arms are around you". So I shut my eyes and imagined his arms around me.

I am blessed x
Id add one MEGGA HUG to those given already,if I may.xx
I know about the clock Rach, but I also know I'm blessed too.