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albert thanks but while i've been on here tonight i've missed eastenders,friends and just missing alcatraz,when i've been for a bath i'll just be in time for restoration man at 10,what helps me care is the fact that if i was as ill as the wife she would look after me and when i come on here i know i'm not alone
i know mate,my wife would too...probably why i feel guilty and selfish feeling how i do....i just crave that normal life..looking forward to things etc..
i know how you feel,would love to go out get drunk and be normal instead of what i've ended up with,lifes rubbish but my wife loves me and i wouldn't of married anybody else even if i knew the end of the story when i met her
Hi Albert this post and replies have come at just the right time for me because I'm 47 and have all the same feelings as many people on here. In short for the past 2.5 years I feel as though my wings have been well & truly clipped. You're not being selfish, it's simply human nature to feel like many of us do.
Take care
Daisydoo x
thanks daisy..hope things get better for you x
Hi from another one in the forties club Image
At 44 two kids, one 18 one 11 I should be getting more of my life back. Instead I've had to finish work and care for my hubby.
But on the other hand there are positives I've started an OU degree something I wouldn't have considered before. But hey if you're up at 2.30 in the morning you might as well put it to good use Image
Hi Albert and welcome,

until I joined the forum, I thought it was only I who was isolated, had an increasingly narrowing social life and who felt as exhausted and sapped as I often do. I also felt guilty for feeling like this as I do love S dearly.

Juggling caring, working, running a household ... it's not really any surprise that we suddenly realise our lives have been squeezed.

Another plight of carers is that often family aren't supportive and friends slip away.

Thankfully we aren't alone - carers have each other! And on here no one judges.

Hi everyone, Slightly different situation as I look after my mum but same feelings of resentment that others have normal lives, weekends to themselves, holidays etc. If I can remember far enough back, I used to be a keen traveller. I guess I am "lucky" in that I am still working but in a dull job because it gives me enough "mum time" for emergencies. And yes, compared to me, most people on this Forum are saints. I am certainly no Florence Nightingale. I love my mum to bits but that does not mean she does not get on my nerves and yes, sometimes I do snap. I would give anything to give the care to someone else, even temporarily, so that I could have a good night out / a few weeks away. Oops, there I go dreaming again Image . And yes, friends slip away as we don't have anything positive to report or are just too unreliable. I don't wish this life on anyone but somehow it's good to know that I am not the only person in the boat (Titanic??).
audrey yes you can as long as it's a decent brewery not the lincolnshire keg rubbish that they sell up here,everards,theakstons etc,we could all use our cas payments and get absolutely plastered,you could imagine the office when the receipts when in for beer
Malc, get yourself down here, we have real beer Image Image
We have extremely cheap San Miguel here! Drinks are on me, just ask for Daisydoo! Hehe