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Sci-Fi Buffs -Torchwood added

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I did suspect that was who River Song was but what a great episode
Just saw a trailer for TW. It looks a cross between CSI Miami and Independence day all rolled into one. It definatly has hollywood 'gloss' going through it. Will I like it 'cos it's torchwood or will I like it in it's own right is yet to be debated.
I'm looking forward to it. Its still being written by Russell T Davies but how far hes had to bow too his American funders only time will tell.
Well, I enjoyed it as something to watch but it was to me more just yet another american series with 4 british people in it that just happened to be from a series called torchwood. By the way I think Barrowman looks ill...he's lost a lot of weight but on his face it doesn't look like a healthy loss.
Well I watched it and waited for something to happen. Maybe part 2 will provide something. Didn't see much Britishness in it at all and now it's moving to the States.

The jury is still out on it, no judgement will be made until it has a chance to run.
By the way I think Barrowman looks ill...
That's just Captain Jack ageing as he is the only one who is not immortal. The storyline is set that way to allow the actor to age accordingly. (I'm just making this stuff up, but it sounds plausible).
I loved it. I don't mind if it is a Americanised I do have a soft spot for some of the American si-fi like Warehouse 13.
I must admit I have been reading some very trashy fantasy lately perhaps my brain is starting to rot. I did take some H G Wells from the library last week to try and stop the decline
I've recorded it, not watched it yet.
Never been much of a fan of Torchwood.
So is anyone out there still watching Torchwood or is it just me?
If your watching it what do you think so far. i'm enjoying it and theres lots of food for thought in there. Especially the last one with the catagories of life.
Trailers for Dr Who appearing to so not much longer to wait for that.

Booksey now wanders off to the Dr forums where she doesn't feel such a geek Image
I'm still watching Torchwood Image