Scared my husband may pass away

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Either the discharge is BY THE BOOK or no discharge at all !
Also make sure that there is an Emergency Plan in place so that IF he has to go back to hospital, he can go straight back to the ward and consultant.
Being a bit sneaky, but I wonder whether you can tell the hospital that YOU will be away from home over the ENTIRE festive period, staying with family/friends 'for a break'.

ie, you won't be in the house at all, so they CAN'T send your husband home!!!!

Just a thought!
A thought with some merit ?
Or visit with an arm in a sling?
Even more cunning!
That is one thought, but my husband would be distraught I think if I was the reason he 'couldn't' come home.

We are having a chat with his consultant on Monday about if discharge is possible/safe. I'll make sure I get my concerns heard!
Make your concerns very very clear, and repeat them - and ideally, put them in writing. Would a nursing home for 'convalescing' be a possibility at all? So much more cheerful than a hospital - and your husband would know he is 'on the way home' at least.
Share your worries about your ability to cope, and what we have told you, with the OH. He needs to know, and you need to know if he is prepared to take the risks.
What bowlingbun said. My late husband was admiited to hospital quite a lot, so we went through the discharge process a lot as well. I got better at it, with help from others here. One time in particular I had a list of essential questions that forum regulars had passed on. I was able to explain to DH that he would hear me say "He can't come home unless x and y have been done because it would not be safe". I made sure he understood that I wanted him home but we would not be able to manage unless everything was in place.