Scared my husband may pass away

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Just in case it's needed , the BIBLE on hospital discharges : ... -hospital/

The last thing we need on the forum is another unsafe hospital discharge scenario !
Thanks Chris, that looks useful :)
Jess, Im here for a different wifes mother has got dementia …...but just want you to know we are thinking of you....

Gary and Lynn...
Your welcome.

I hope you don't have to refer to it !!!
Beware of a pre Christmas discharge. I know from bitter experience what little support there is during the holidays. Between Christmas and New Year there are very few services available. I'd suggest wait until the New Year.
Wise words , BB !
I was wondering what the services would be like over Xmas...even more nervous about it now!
Jess, to be honest they want to chuck as many people out before Christmas as possible, so it's nice and quiet for them and they can have a rest! I once contacted SSD a few days before Christmas about getting some care for mum. They only used agency carers, and was told "Try again after the holiday". This was when I'd just had my kidney out, 12" scar across my abdomen! In the end they found that mum had broken her leg!!!
Yep. Avoid Christmas discharges. They do try to push everyone out.
I'll be very careful about discharge then. His consultant/surgeon is very involved in his care (I get the impression that he feels immensely guilty about what has happened by the things he says, he even gave me his private practice email to get hold of him directly - which of course I have used!) so I don't think he'll let my husband out unless it is 100% safe and things are in place. However, I'm still worried about him coming home at the moment.