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Saints or scroungers - should we? - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Saints or scroungers - should we?

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Two million viewers sounds good but what is the profile of the viewers? I suspect that the majority are the type of people who see all benefit claimants as scroungers, the people who are vociferously anti-benefit claimants in the comments sections of the online media, including the BBC, and watch the programme because it reinforces their prejudices.
the interviewer was some paxman wannabee - so agressive - first question was - why should the taxpayer cough a single penny up to help people - it's their duty to look after their relatives.
Carers Scotland asked me to do the Kaye Adams afternoon show some years ago, it was titled "Would You Put Your Dad In A Home" or similar. Kaye herself was lovely, it was the studio audience of 200 that was the problem! It was pretty tough, they had packed the audience with half carers like us, and half nursing home staff and residents, and I felt I had been put into the bearpit - they were all really going for it! What put me at a disadvantage was that I was unwilling to reveal confidential matters (such as the dementia diagnosis of my FIL - to me that was his private issue and anyway he was watching the programme as it went out live) so I had to duck and dive a bit. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would do it again if asked.


Image no because it would be detrimental to UNAPID CARERS AND DISABLED PEOPLE as George says there are many people who claim out there and are not really disabled etc so dammed if de and dammed if we dont so yes no.

what i cannot unerstand is why is the BBC so scared of the truth of what unpaid fulltime carers and disabled go through or it only for the sake of programme hype and content not any reality or purpose.

i think stay away matt very dangerous can of worms if the government and public still dont know what is going on by now then there is something wrong now kenneth2dundeenow fife
dont get involved in this tv show its not worth the risk
Leave it alone then, to be on the safe side. It could be terribly helpful to the cause, but when tely depicts things wrongly ...............................
Never seen the programme but I don't like the title. Do we really consider ourselves better than anyone else? I don't think so we are just doing what we consider to be the right thing. There was a thing on TV about Atos a young girl was given the ok to work by them then the council, who were to be her employers, also did an assessment and Atos said she wasn't fit!!!! Poor kid had been through enough and finally felt confident to work only to have her hopes shattered. My son gets assessed by them every 2 years or so in Oxford, so far we have been ok.
At least on the debate between the leadres of the 3 parties last thursday they all agreed that we save them billions of pounds. Not a lot but at least a step in the right direction Image
You,know,I wasnt even going to bother with this one,Its a no-brainer,after all.Makes me yawn,frankly.Yes,its certain,everyone on benifits will be miffed by any documentery on benifit claiments and the validity of them being on benifit.Oh,its so predictable.

Theres no ratings in saying everyone on benifits is honest,decent etc.Broardcasters only do these shows to sensationalise,to do that, you gotta have a few bad eggs.

Its such trash telly anyway.mind-numbing tedium.

Do we really mind?. Image
I agree with most on here. I think I would not like me as a care or a close one voyered at as entertainment. personally I beleive the only groups fighting for us are the the groups that have carers in the title and us ourselves
We all felt uneasy about this, but I guess we were questioning ourselves in case we were cutting off our nose to spite our face. Your comments have really helped us have the confidence in our original decision. It clearly is not a programme most of you would want Carers UK to be associated with so we have said a definite NO.
Thanks everyone - we have said no!
the 1st programme went out on BBC1 tonight and was fronted by Dom Littlewood - did anyone else see it ?

they definitely made a distinction between the 'saint' and the 'sinner'.

the 'saint' was a young man badly injured in a cycling accident and who is now paralysed and deserving of the benefits that he claims. The 'sinner' was a woman who has conned the system of some £600,000 that they know about using false identities for herself and members of her family.