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I have told the social worker so many times I cannot cope I am at breaking point and nothing changes. Mum at last got a respite bed last week and on Thursday I was told by the social worker her needs are very high and could she stay another week as we are very concerned about her coming home!!!!!!!!!!!! due to her needs being so high. and how those needs will be met
This was said before she had spoken to my GP who I saw in the week and said sadly he wanted to do a safeguarding referral as my mental health health has been so fragile for months and all the stress of caring is significantly hindering my recovery he went down the line of verbal abuse as I am more than snappy like a crocodile in a dried up swamp more than grumpy.
What shocked me but should not really when I spoke to safeguarding they said they speak to carers regularly who are flagged who are broken exhausted etc. I have been isolated, alone screaming that I could not cope I have lost a huge amount of pay as had to reduce my hrs to try and cope I wonder if they will apologize, I do not think so. I put in complaint when mum came out of hospital and package of care was not right and it was just a white wash and I struggled on since May. My carers assessment in July I thought I would get them to listen but no and what was worst was she said at the end that was OK I did bot need two workers here I questioned this and she said you maybe distressed Hang on most carers I feel sure become distressed at some poit and you see the everyday. I think she was thinking about my mental health as documented Bi Polar/PTSD in my referral which makes me very sad and now I feel they did not listen as saw me as an emotional mental health person and this was me overacting. I do not overreact I am well controlled if my stress is kept low this has been impossible since may juggling part time work mums high complex needs needs.
Caroline, does mum usually live with you in your home? If so then you can refuse to have her home again.