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What do you do with your Mobility Allowance? If you use it to lease a car, what car do you have/recommend? I am thinking of changing my old car for a motability car and just wondered which one you have, the pros and cons etc.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

We use ours for a motability vehicle.

On our second one so far. Our last was a Vauxhall Zafira and currently we have a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso. The reason for the big cars is we have 6 in our family and anything less would be impractical.

Some say that it is a bit of a ripoff as the car is never your own, although you do have the option to buy it outright at the end of the lease. Personally, I wouldn't do it any other way. If you take into account the depreciation and the fact that it gets serviced, insured, taxed and tyres for nowt coupled with the peace of mind that knowing you won't get slapped with a hefty repair bill if it breaks down or you are involved in an accident then I wouldn't do it any other way.

We have had a motability vehicle from the day one of the mobility allowance so have never missed the money as we have never had it, so to speak.

In my opinion it's the best way to enjoy trouble-free motoring.

motorbility scheme as fantastic.

it is trouble free motoring as pretty much everything is covered.

We use ours for a 1.4 VW polo. it's perfect for what we need, it can hold its own on long journeys getting up to a nice speed and it's good for going round the city because it's a nippy little thing.

Obviously you may need a bigger car if you have a family etc but I'd recommend the scheme to anyone.

I wouldnt say the scheme is a rip off because you have 3 years of peace of mind driving and the only thing you fork out for is petrol. The cost of the motorbility covers insurance, tax, breakdown cover etc. Chances are you would spend more money on repairs and stuff on an old banger than you would on a motorbility car.
DO NOT get a Peugot 1007,the one with the sliding doors.
We have had lots of problems with the doors,some times needing to be took back to the dealer at other times it seems random work or not. Image
Plus there are other niggles but many people with mobality problems think the doors would make entry and exit easy.
They do but the other stuff makes it not worth while.
Lastly the huge pillars needed for the doors at the front and the triangle the create where they meet the windscreen make for LOTs of blind spots.
I have had many close calls by losing cars and bikes even though i know the problem and am always bobbing my head round to avoid it.
Will be glad in Dec when it goes back.
Brother in law used the mobility scheme and swore that Ford offered the best range of vehicles and customer service. Being a Ford girl myself I would agree wholeheartedly with that.

Take care
We use our son's mobility allowance for our vehicle and my mobility allowance for the fuel to run it.

We got our vehicle in October 2008 and the deposit was a wopping great £7,000. Its a Renault Master with a tailgate lift and a big monster of a vehicle but it needs to be to take my son in his powered wheelchair and to take my scooter.

We used to have a nissan vanette with a tailgate which was our own vehicle but the reason we went with mobility this time is that we could not afford the type of vehicle we needed - even the £7,000 deposit was a stretch.

We use it for a lease car.
We have had many lease cars on the scheme the one we have now is a Vauxhall Meriva seats 5 people and our next one in June is going to be a Meriva but the top of the range one.

Eun it's not a deposit it's an advanced payment you never get it back it's a payment to cover the short fall of DLA for the 3 year period.
But i agree with you it's a very good scheme and we are glad we have it.
Brother in law used the mobility scheme and swore that Ford offered the best range of vehicles and customer service. Being a Ford girl myself I would agree wholeheartedly with that.

Take care
Tend to agree,had a Fusion last time and thinking of going back to Ford
Sorry JohnRJ meant to say advance payment - it is still a heckuva large amount to lay out and not get back - seems to me the most severely disabled get punished the most for needing a more expensive vehicle but we had no real choice as we can't be without transport.

That is why we couldn't apply to the Mobility charity for help with the advance payment - it would take too long and we need a van for jr's hospital appointments etc For example today he is playing UniHoc (powered wheelchair hockey) and he needs the van to get there.

I've only driven the thing once - I'm scared of it it is so big to try and park. I'll have to pull myself together and get used to it - my husband does most of the driving when we are together but I will really need to have a few more shots of driving it.

You almost need a stepladder to get in and out of it - I just usually use the lift and go in through the back.

Still, we should be able to take everything ok when we come on holiday to York in a few weeks.

we lease V.W. passat 2 litre 6 speed 4 door saloon inside its bigger than ford focus saloon but the boot is smaller when we have the electric scooter on board we can only get one suitcase in boot = it`s a diesel and it goes like a bomb much faster then ford we have war pension mobility supplement so we can get more expensive car without advance payment had this car since 22 december and have done 8-000 miles and iam off to Belgium next week if the paperwork comes through