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Rules re Supplements and Care Companies

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My elderly Mum has taken herbal supplements and remedies since she was a child. She has taught me about them and has many books and given me many books on the subject in the past. Now she has been diagnosed with vascular dementia and is now being cared for by a care company in her own home for meals and personal care 3xs a day. I have been continuing with giving Mum supplements for her hypothyroid and dementia and its been keeping Mum well and walking over a mile a day prior to a pacemaker insertion and then a DVT last summer 2017. She was on no drugs until then and I had to stop the supplements prior to the operation. She only had the pacemaker to prevent falls! Then she had to go onto blood thinner and had another fall when a carer gave her a double dose and then another fall because she got a UTI and ended up in hospital with the ambulance taking 3.5 hours to get to her to get up up off the floor and treat her bleeding leg. Why do they have to intervene when she was fit and happy before and because two doctors signed the form I had no say in the matter. Now care companies have changed due to the mistake of the last carer the new care company will only give out drugs in blister packs and no supplements. Her NHS endocrinologist had to give a private prescription for T3 which she has been taking for years and I have to purchase it privately. Because it has no pharmacy label on it they won't give it to my Mum. I wondered why Mum has been in bed all last week, they haven't been giving it to her out of her dosset box. As the NHS won't fund for T3 thyroid medication there is no way that I can get it from the pharmacy and the care agency have said its against the law for them to give Mum anything without a pharmacy label on it. Her doctor doesn't believe in any supplements, now Mum isn't eating, is very tired indeed and sleeps most of the day. Unless I travel 22 miles twice a day to give her T3 and other supplements I am worried Mum won't recover. It makes me very sad that it has come to this. We went to a certified naturopath a few years ago who told us what would help dementia and Mum was very well on these supplements. I also have hypothyroid and take the same supplements and I know how bad I feel and so tired I can hardly get out of bed if I run out of something. The doctor has known for years that Mum takes supplements along with the endocrinologist, its on their records and mentioned in letters. Why can't she carry on using them, just because she has dementia doesn't mean some official can come along and veto her wishes and beliefs. My Dad died because he believed doctors who put him onto very high statins, his score was under 1.0 and yet they didn't tell him that he needed to take CoQ10, they didn't even know that statins deplete this in the body which is vital to heart energy. He was against supplements and only took what the doctors gave him, so many drugs, more and more, more side effects, then more drugs to counteract those side effects. How can my Mum continue to take supplements? She has a pill alarm lockable dispenser but its too heavy for her to lift and turn over now. One carer is also into supplements and takes them herself but says its against the law. What am I to do?

Read this web site and perhaps contact them for further advice.
I don't know why your doctors behave like this, but maybe you should speak to another one? I can't recommend you to give your mum supplements on your own, because this is not this it's unethical, but from what you said, she really needs them. I've been taking supplements all my life and never had any side effects or other issues. Maybe this is because I research a lot and get only supplements that have natural ingredients and are certified. The best advice I can give you is to try to speak to another doctor because you know better your mom and her needs.
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