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heres one that got me thinking.a student working with us this past week was quite baffled and absorbed when the theme to the avengers played as my ringtone on the old mobile.she said"Ahh,so your a closet hero then?".she said she did a study on the mindset and the ringtone.

WOW!.Too deep for me.Ive had the Avengers theme on my mobile for years.But,today,maybe due to her coments,maybe as ive been after the tune for ages,but just got it today,i changed my ringtone to the new shiny 2010 version of the doctor who theme.which just has a great beat.

dont know what that tone might say about me.maybe another hero thing,or maybe,im more,as i suspect,into my 1960s tv shows?.

what does your ringtone say about you?.
I've had other ringtones in the past, but at the moment my ringtone says that I'm too indifferent of my phone to get anything flashy or impressive Image
Mine is the Entertainer. It was changed for a while when I got a new phone but I kept forgetting the new tune so most times never answered it Image Image . Kids downloaded the Entertainer to my new phone so one happy bunny here Image
hmmm....mine is 'She Drives Me Crazy' - say no more Image
My sister sent me some music that she thought I might like to uses as ring tones, I now have them on my laptop but have no idea how to get them onto my phone. Even more annoying neither does she, Der Image Image
My daughter sorts out anything that needs doing on my phone!I have now learnt to delete unwanted messages.My phone has a qwerty keyboard,and when I was texting, couldn't understand how to put numbers in!This week I have discovered. Prior to that, I had to write numbers out in full! "mt u at quarter to ten" is much longer than "mt u at 945".
I have no idea what ringtone it is, but I never hear it anyway. My husband has given up trying to phone and he just texts,as I check my phone every so often.
Bat out of Hell for my ringtone and Dreamy Lady as my message tone. If I'm in a devilish mood and out I sometimes chane it to the ten inch penis one(not when little ears are about though). Image
i think hearing the mellow lilt of elvis singing "Blue Christmas" on a phone i heard ringing while i was in a post office,made me feel,gosh,it aint far off yet.

best one ive heard recently might be the theme to mission impossible on the number 12 bus.
Mine now after having all sorts is Ring,Ring Image
Mine now after having all sorts is Ring,Ring Image
So's mine mate. I did put the 'Crazy Frog' on my last one, but soon got fed up with him "Da da da da di da daing" every time I had a call. Image