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royal stuff,an alternative path.

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ok,for good wishes to wills and kate,theres a thread up and running.and just for the record,i wish them health,long-life,happiness,and,with private health care the royals enjoy,the health and long-life of both seem to be fairly assured,and,i think they may even manage happiness too.

oh dear,in the depths of ecconomic mess,missery etc,in the next two years we have massive cuts to every facet of public services,we face,as a nation,the costs of the olympic games and the queens diamond jubilee,and,now a royal wedding.

maybe,in dire times we need such distractions,i dont know.

but,heres a question.instead of a lavish wedding,in tune with the times,what do you feel the setting,the size etc of the wedding should be?.

It should be traditional, the bride's father pays Image Image
while i merely start the thread,bite my tong and hesitate to say what i think,fully,i feel bound to say that you are,in my humble view,so right vicky.yep,brides parents should foot the bill.

so,can they fund a bash at westminster abbey,parade down the mall,reception at buckigham palace?.I think not.

doi we feel a more modest event is in order then?.
Suggest they nip down to the registry office and then lay on ahave a fish & chip supper in the pub........
Sorry about the typo
Oh come on guys!
It'll be a huge circus of course, and worth several hundred million to the London/British economy at a time when it is most needed, the media alone will be flocking in from every part of the globe with their fat wallets and expense accounts. A fantastic showcase for everything that is cool about Britannia, and a chance to wheel out the heritage attractions, pageantry, period uniforms and periwigs, gilded coaches, etc. We can still do this kind of grand event better than almost anyone in the world.
I hope they go the whole hog, the whole idea of monarchy in a modern democracy is a bit of a joke of course, but they will be spendid actors in a fairy-tale drama. The fact that they have been living together for years, the bridegroom works for a living in a James Bond macho pilot role, and the bride is a commoner gives them extra street cred. It doesnt get much better, I will be enjoying it for what it is. And wishing them, as attractive young people, the very best: they will need it in the face of that kind of media feeding frenzy.
I'm all for a really Royal Wedding. Our Royal Family generate huge interest all around the world, so we get a fantastic spectacle, showcase us to the world, boost the economy, boost the tourist industry. Win/win all round.
We are still a monarchy, this is our future King and Queen, so it should be done in our own, inimitable fashion Image

Not to mention the fact they seem to be a really nice couple and what bridegroom worth his salt wouldn't want the best he could get to show off his bride?
I'm all for a big bash too. I think it should be a public holiday and local communities should be encouraged to join in and lay on the street parties. It will encourarage a spirit of neighbourlinesss which has been lacking in many communities.
Definitely a big bash. Royal weddings help the economy via selling of tat and boistering tourism.

Although I'm sure we will all get tired of hearing about it before long, it is a pleasant distraction from all the doom and gloom that we get served up in large doses these days.

I think that William has chosen an intelligent young woman with her head screwed squarely on her shoulders. I know they will have a life of luxury, but the fact is they also have jobs that they cannot walk away from ... ever. It's privilege with a price and not something I envy.
They have been "kipping up" with each other for years so a big white wedding is a bit hypocritical. Why don't they just have a quiet one especially when everyone else is facing the worst cutbacks since the end of the second world war?