Having survived 3 lots of major surgery and years of being virtually housebound, but still caring, I know some of the answers! I am just grateful I'm still here, now healthy and able to walk again. I try to enjoy something every day, despite many problems with both my carees. My family mean everything to me. Throughout all our dreadful problems we have never had a cross word. What has happened is not my fault, or theirs, it's all to do with the cards which Life has dealt us. Either we hang on in there, or we give up. My hairdresser reckons I'm so "laid back" these days. The reason is simple. In 2004 I was told that my life might be measured in months if the surgery wasn't a success. I'm still here, still smiling, will never ever be as fit and strong as I used to be, but I'm still here. That's all that matters.