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Robert's back in hospital

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Hi all Won't be on for a little while Robert is back in hospital again 6 weeks after the last time with Pancreatitis again. Little bugger started feeling the pain at 11.30am yesterday morning but didn't say a word as it was Partick Thistle's last home match of the season - so he basically risked his life for the sake of a bloody football match!!

We went up to the new hospital ourselves as we thought maybe it would be quicker than waiting for an ambulance - believe me we won't be making that mistake again. We sat in the waiting room at A & E from a quarter to 7pm and he didn't get a room until a quarter to two am.

Then the nurses were not happy because they wanted to know what we were doing there as Rob was still sitting in his wheelchair and that meant that they would have to transfer him to a bed and then they said they had not been told by A & E that he needed a special mattress and they had to go and look for one.

They got him up over the bed (using the sling we had kept from the last time he was in the hospital as we knew it would be compatible with their hoist) and the hoist broke down over the bed with Rob still in the sling and they had to go and get a chair and stand on it and put the height of the bed as high as it would go to get him into the bed. I finally got home and into bed at 5 minutes to 5am this morning.

They are going to transfer him to the surgical ward tonight and heres hoping he gets better care than this admitting ward he is in just now. His pee is burning as they keep "forgetting" to change his fluid bag and he has only peed twice the whole day because he has not been getting enough fluids.

ALso I thought they would have had him started on IV antibiotics by now as his infection level on admission is away up at 390 plus they haven't been taking any bloods to keep an eye on what is happening with him. They have spent billions on this hospital but it seems the care is more crap than ever!!

Eun sending you hugs. wishing Robert a speedy recovery.

What is it about men and bloody football????

My dad did something similar a couple of years ago. He was in the middle of his cancer treatment so his immune system was low. He’d cut his foot and it became badly infected very quickly.

But rather than say anything he kept stum because he wanted to watch Liverpool play an ‘important’ match.

He looked fine during the match but as soon as it ended he damn near collapsed.
When I went to investigate his foot was swollen, bright red with tendrils crawling up his leg, and so hot you could fry an egg on it.
I rang for an ambulance, it was sorted (just) but I wanted to strangle the daft bugger.

He risked his life for a bunch of overpaid men in shorts kicking a ball around????
I will never understand that.

Sajehar XXX

Just wanted to let you know that Robert isn’t the only one.
Oh no Eun not again :(

We're all here for you when you need us - I hope that the new hospital can take care of Robert properly this time so that you and Rob Snr can get some rest.

Wishing Robert a speedy recovery and please take care of yourselves.
(((((((((hugs))))))))) Eun
Sending ((hugs)), Eun
Hoping Robert has a speedy recovery

Oh no, not again.

When S's seizures were out of control, I quickly learned waiting for the ambulance was preferable to getting there quickly and hours spent in the wIting room.

The admittance word sounds like an extensions of the waiting room. If you hadn't taken the sling, that would've extended the saga. Sounds like the hoist needs a service or the staff need training in how to plug it in to charge! Thank goodness they didn't pull the health and safety card and did climb onto a chair etc Ridiculous they did not start IV antibiotics, is there not a doctor doing ward rounds?

I hope the surgical ward is a better experience.

Take care,

Bit of good news in that the surgical ward are a bit more on top of things and his infection level has come down to 190 but they still want to keep him in for observation for a bit longer. I had a thought before I fell asleep in bed last night - Robert cannot press the buzzer and he cannot call for help (which is the main reason his dad and I have to stay - that and the nurses cannot give him the 2:1 care he needs) so I thought should each ward not have a baby alarm on it for those people who are severely disabled. I asked to speak to the matron in charge of the ward but she said that often there is no one at the nurses station to hear something like that and they would check him once every hour overnight. However since Robert can at times require positional change every 20 minutes this would not work. I had thought that if my husband and I could get a decent night's sleep we could alternate care during the days. My back pain is excruciating hving to do his care during the day.

Good news. Robert is getting out of hospital tomorrow. In time to play his final Scottish cup match of the season of powered wheelchair football on Sunday and then he's going to Rachel House Children's Hospice from Monday to Thursday. He must be feeling bettter as I was told I was doing things wrong today, lol.