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Rise in fuel bills - Carers UK Forum

Rise in fuel bills

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This rise in the cost of fuel has been announced today. It could be as much as 20%. This particularly affects people like carers and the elderly that spend a great deal of time at home.Its not just homes that have to be heated its offices,shops and public buildings which will all pass the cost on to the consumer. I think this is all very worrying when us carers are all struggling financially already.
It is very worrying our heating costs are already enormous being LPG users we get hit both ways, the cost of the Gas goes up and an additional cost of the delivery Image
I agree with both of the above comments. Alice and I were just discussing this last night, because of her diagnosis Alice does experience changes in body temperature and the central heating is of course on longer. We are now both retired I have just taken early retirement, Alice has had to retire. We are hearing rises of 10% at least. I have just heard I have been rejected for Carers allowance not suprised hey ho.

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Image no chance of carers pittance going up by 20% is there. What are we expected to cut back on in order to pay for the rise in costs? Food? not paying our council tax ?or are we all suposed to retreat into one room and live our lives in ungenteel poverty counting pennies and worrying ourselves sick.
We could all refuse to pay council tax and end up in prison, how do we cope with a 20% rise in fuel because it is not only our fuel bills food and everything will rise to pay for it. It is times like this we might as well give up and give our carees to the state, then see how important carers were.
All carers with their caree living with them (whatever age) need the winter fuel allowance granted now, not a promise to discuss it in the future.
I've just had to order more heating oil yesterday - End of Sept last year it was over 34p per litre, it's now over 44p per litre, so to fill the tank (1100 litres) will cost over £110 extra, nearly £500 each time x 3 times per year - £1500 plus just for heating/hot water. The winter fuel allowance doesn't make much impression on that - but better than nowt Image
Carers UK published a study: "Real Change, not Short Change" some months ago. It found that 72% of carers are worse off since they started caring (especially those in the 45-54 age group), and that many are in debt and struggling to pay bills. Six in ten carers were living in fuel poverty. Some were even cutting back on heating to be able to cover their other bills.

CUK is campaigning to improve the benefits system so that it meets the needs of carers, and I would hope that this includes help with the rising costs of heating, which now strike all too regularly at this time of the year. Remembering last year, I don't suppose this will be the end of it.

http://www.carersuk.org/Policyandpracti ... ay2007.pdf