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Retrospective claim for CHC succesful - Carers UK Forum

Retrospective claim for CHC succesful

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Just for information ( as I didn't know one could do this), when I consulted my solicitor after my mum died in her care home at the beginning of March, she suggested we go for a retrospective assessment by the CHC of mum's care needs during the last weeks of her life when she was attended frequently by a nursing team from the hospital and had a number of issues going on health wise. She had a very nasty moisture lesion on her bottom that the Tissue Viability team were dealing with, and was fecally impacted and had been taken to hospital for an enema two weeks before she died. Anyway, my solicitor said that it was worth a try, and without me having to be involved at all, I had a letter on Saturday to say that the claim had been allowed and that, on receipt of my invoices, the CHC would be refunding me the care home fees for the last four weeks she was in there! I must say, I wasn't at all expecting that.So, for anyone on here that finds themselves in a similar position with a parent or relative, it's worth a try.
Congratulations. It largely depends on where you live in the country, a real postcode lottery.
Congratulations to you and the solicitor. A job well done.

If CHC had been working correctly , no care home fees would have been charged in the first place.

I will assume CHC and not NHS funded care ?

From the main CHC thread :

Have I got it wrong ?

If so , let me know and I'll amend the main thread.
Hi Chris, maybe I've got it wrong then. The letter starts 'Community Care : **** ***** ( my mum's name) and then ' I am pleased to advise you that Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group have concluded that from 18th February to 6th March your mother was entitled to NHS Continuing Health Care.They are prepared to reimburse you for the Care Home costs for that period'
I thought CHC stood for Continuing Health Care? But please amend my initial post if I have worded it incorrectly. Thanks xx
Thanks Jillian ... a " Cart and horses " situation ... assesstment for CHC came after the placing in a care home ?

CHC ... NHS Continuing Healthcare ... on the top of the NHS range of " Services " tombstone.

Rationed ... both by qualification and ... horror of horrors ... funding restraints which basically mean that any applicant has to ask for it , far too often it is never mentioned !

A multi layered health care system that basically , rations the degree of care ... Nye Bevan is rolling over in his grave ?

.... and to request CHC , one has to know that it exists !
After mum's GP told me she would be dead in 12 months (which she was) he refused to make a referral because the NHS couldn't afford it!! I nagged and finally they made a fast track referral less than 48 hours before she died, and then they mucked that up too so initially the application was refused, until I pointed out that the intention was clear, and if the form wasn't correctly completed that indicated a need for training, but mum shouldn't be affected by it.