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Respite payments

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Hi All,
Have been looking into our mum having a respite holiday. We have been caring for her for 4 years now and need a holiday break .

She has less than £14.000 in her bank, that's all she has. I know she will be entitles to £109 a week, for the allotted 4 weeks respite allowance for a carer to have a break. We will need another two weeks as we are off to Sydney to stay with our family. She will have to be assessed by our local council to work out how much she will have to pay towards care cost. Any information would certainly help me, as its a mine field. We have never had to go down this road in her care. I have a CPN, to help me. I am ok on the caring side, but I don't like having to deal with money matters really
Sonia x
Hi Sonia, I've been through a number of financial assessments - done in my county by the financial assessment unit, not social workers. It's very straightforward, you need to gather together recent bank statements, savings books etc. I photocopied M's in advance and told them to keep them, which made it even quicker for them. They will look at income, and expenditure, and then make their calculations. Once they've done this, they will give you details of how they have calculated whether or not mum needs to make any contribution as well. They will also do a quick benefits check, i.e. they will ask if mum is in receipt of Attendance Allowance, Pension Credit etc. etc. if they think it is appropriate. If mum isn't in receipt of them, they will explain the criteria etc. So don't worry, it's nothing to fear. Wish I was going to Sydney, have an ice cream on Circular Quay for me!