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Going away for a week. My mum has dementia. Want to make sure she will be looked after. Family not much help,might pop down for a while,carers three times a day,advise by one of mums carers restbite might do her good? Just want to do the right thing. So confused,so upsetting. Any advice please.
Hi Debby
Respite would probably be a good idea. You would know that Mum was safe, being fed and looked after and you could enjoy your holiday without fretting. No reason why you couldn't call the Home to check if you really wanted to and if family might 'pop in' at home, them they might do the same in the Home?
Hope you've left enough time to organise it. Call Mum's Social Worker to discuss asap. Is respite on Mum's care plan or mentioned on your Carer's assessment? If so your LA will pay the fees for a week.
It is always tough the first time, but most nursing homes will vie for the chance to show you how good they are because they know that repeat business is essential - I kid you not.
Choose a good home, and give it a try. The first one is not always the best. That's how we learn.
Hi Debby
I'm in just the same boat and have organised carers 3 x a day for Dad. He would totally refuse respite care home and hate every second but that is just my Dad. It is a great option if you have someone less stubborn to care for. Definitely worth checking it out and considering options.
Whatever you do, once you have your plans in place do your best to leave it all behind and enjoy your holiday. I've made a decision that even if Dad ends up in hospital the day before I leave, my holiday is happening :)