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Respite - Guardianship - Carer's assessment?

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Linda, you realise you don't have any legal duty to take your mum in and look after her. The SS know this, and so the only way to get them to do what they should be doing (!) is to threaten to hand your mum over to them to look after (presumably in a care home that will cost them money!). Sadly, other members here have found that this threat is the only way to get action!!! As you say, while they think you will cope, well, they will let you cope.....

All the best with getting your mum into respite and you a much needed break!

PS - mods, should Linda be given a thread of her own I wonder, not being mixed into Zoe's??
Hi Jenny
I know I didn't have to take her in but I just couldn't have put her in a care home, maybe one day she might have to if she starts to get dementia or deteriorates a lot.
It's disgusting when you think that I'm actually saving the government money (not that it's about the money) but no one really comes to tell you anything unless you ask or find out yourself, thats not the way I thought it would be.
I've found the only way to get anything done in my area is to keep making complaints. If you are emailing the SW who doesn't respond, write a letter, posted Recorded Delivery, address to the Director of Social Services at County Hall, or your equivalent. Ask "when can I expect a response?" first time, then if that doesn't work, write again, this time headed "Formal Complaint". This usually works. Third letter goes to the Local Government Ombudsman. They can't investigate until you've had a reply, but will contact the LA to find out why they haven't replied.
Yes it may well come to that or might go and see her. I'm still waiting for a form she was supposed to send me last week and the benefits team were supposed to call me, I'm still waiting for that. It's got to the point now that me and my husband are going the citizens advice to see if they can help in any way. Hopefully it will all get sorted in time.
As soon as you get in touch with the "Head Office" of your local LA, they get in touch with the SW, who then, worried about damaging promotion prospects, will suddenly spring into action! (Hopefully)
Thank you for all your comments and help.
Citizens advice told me today that if I get an assessment for mum to go into a care home for respite care, they will look into mine and my husbands finances, is this right? Thought they only looked into the person who needs the respite even if they live with you.
I agree it sounds odd. Like I say, none of us has a legal obligation to look after anyone else, and we do so, literally out of 'the goodness of our hearts' not any 'duty of care' (for adults that is).

So I don't see what business it is of SS or anyone else to know your and your husband's personal finances, when it is your mother's that will determine her eligibility for any state-paid care.

Even if SS 'suspect' her of 'deprivation of assets' - ie, deliberately impoverishing herself down to the level where she becomes eligible for state care (£23k and downwards) by passing property and money across to you before any assessment of eligibility, that transfer should be perfectly visible from HER finances (eg, bank statements!) and who she passed it on to is irrelevant for their purpose!

However, maybe that's wrong?

I would most definitely check with the experts here (email them first rather than phone as it's hard to get through by phone) what information any assessment of your mum's eligibility for paid-for respite/care is LEGALLY required. (Never offer more!)
Thanks Jenny
Yes I will email them before I phone the social services, I have to get things moving as we have to make arrangements for our holiday soon.
Hi Linda
CAB are wrong. They have no right to look into yours or your husbands finances regarding your mum going into a care home for respite. They do not look at the carers finances they will only look at your mums finances. Don't let them frighten you or worry you.
Hope that helps.