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Respite - Guardianship - Carer's assessment?

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Sorry, having looked through the thread I mistook someone else's comment as yours. However, the principle is the same. Your daughter is an adult and you cannot be forced to care for her. Has she had a Needs Assessment? Have you had a Carer's Assessment?
She has a needs assessment, I have never had a carer's assessment done.
Definitely ask for one, it is supposed to be done before any Care Plan for your daughter is decided!
I'm new to caring, I care for my mum who lives with me and my family. We were planning a holiday this summer before mum took bad, so mum would have to go into respite, but I have no idea how to go about it, where do I start? Any advice would be very helpful.
Hi Linda
In answer to your question, it depends on how much money Mum has in her own right. (Just her money, not yours).
If Mum has more that £23,250.00 in savings and assets then she has to pay for respite herself. You contact local Care Homes and ask them if they have a room available for respite care for the time you want to be away. Then you book her in. That's it. You might want to visit the Home to make sure you are booking her in to somewhere nice.
If Mum has less than £23,250.00 then you need to contact Adult Social Services. I don't know whether you have any care workers attending to help with looking after your Mum? I'll assume you don't at the moment.
If you are in need of some help looking after Mum, ask for a Needs Assessment for her and a Carer's Assessment for you. You can look these up on the web and read all about it and look up your local council's website for local information.
If you just want the respite care then explain your need to Adult Social Services, explain that Mum has less than the amount and ask for whatever assessment they have to do in order to allocate the funding to you. This may well take some time so the sooner you contact them the better.
You could investigate the local Homes to find one Mum would enjoy.
If mum does have more than £23,000, then make sure that you charge her the going rate for the care you provide, making a note of the payments, until her savings are below the figure. Is she in receipt of Attendance Allowance?
Thank you for the replies. I am her sole carer so don't get any help. She has nowhere near the amount of £23,000 so will the council fund the whole amount of the cost of respite or just some of it. She does get AA but the lower rate, I've sent a form off to see if she can get the higher rate.
Hi Linda
Contact Adult Social Services and get a Needs Assessment for Mum and a Carer's Assessment for yourself. This is to see what help Mum needs and what help you need so you can care for Mum.
You need time for yourself. A weekly (at least) break and certainly the Respite Care for your holiday. Mum needs whatever she needs. Don't hold back in telling everything you have to do for Mum.
There will be a means test. If Mum is between I think, about £16,000.00 and that £23,250.00, she may have to contribute a little. Maybe not. Getting the Assessment doesn't mean you have to accept anything. However you may find there is a lot of help you and Mum are entitled to.
Look it all up as I said before and make that call.
The financial assessment can be helpful, the assessor will ask to see copies of any bank accounts, savings books, pension s and benefits, so make sure these are all in one place in advance of his/her visit. He will also say if he thinks other benefits may be claimed. At the end of the visit, you should be given written details of exactly how much mum will have to pay towards her care. My Mum had several of these assessments, the assessor was always incredibly kind and patient each time, so don't worry about this aspect.
Thank you Elaine and bowlingbun, you've been very helpful, more than mums social worker who doesn't seem to be that bothered, as I've emailed her a few times and she doesn't seem to be getting back to me. I feel like cos I've got mum now it's well get on with it.