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How much "time off" do you get and what do you do? - Carers UK Forum

How much "time off" do you get and what do you do?

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Bit of a nosey thread this one

Im home practically 24/7 caring for my wife. I try and get a couple of hours either on a saturday or sunday to follow my hobby (Nitro Racing) or simply going round to my freinds to help with small jobs on their cars.

What do you do with your spare time and how much do you get?
My caring load has reduced somewhat recently so I have more "me" time available. Most of it is spent on scanning and cleaning up photos, reading, listening to music. Hardly watch any TV and definitely no soaps!
Hi, I don't get much time off only when hubby's asleep (you can tell by the time!!!) so I usually do embroidery or read and of course browse the net.
I'm currently enjoying a very rare couple of hours peace and quiet, OH has taken his BiL for a hospital appt and his daughter HAD to go with him so noise levels are wonderful here, the two boys are playing olympics on the Wii very quietly, so am enjoying a mix of "me" time and a few chores.
I don't get 'time of' as such, I more manage the time I have. If its a good day and both boys are at school then I get 6 hours to clean up ready for the 'next thing' as well as do the usual housework. It is also the time I fit into study although that is not always possible, sometimes on a bad night I am doign the study at 2 - 4 am in the mornings at times.
hi ,i care for my twin brother malcolm who has a learning difficulty and epilepsy.
i dont have any time off ,only when i am asleep.
the only respite is when he watches dvd's in his bedroom .which is what he is doing at the moment.

S still goes to school (though he finishes in July ... but that is another story.) Tuesday to Friday whilst he is at school I teach - which is a change but definitely not a rest. On Mondays (bar bank hols, school hols etc of which there have been a lot of, of late) I have a day off - when I catch up with chores I can't do with S in tow - at home and out and about/catch up on sleep / try and squeeze in a bit of me time too ... School hols I usually manage to get S on an autism specific playscheme for one day (10 to 3) The rest of the time I'm looking after S and his needs are full-on. I grab time on here when he is on his laptop or when he is in bed (ie now.)

I don't get regular time off. As my caree's condition isn't predictable (it used to be good and bad days, but now it's bad and not so bad days) I can never make any plans. But when the situation allows it, I can phone the FiL and go for a quick pint if it doesn't interfere with his social schedule.