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So working carers in England will get an extra 150 million quid for respite care but who is happy with the state of rest/care homes i would never allow the old doll to stay in one the R.A.F. homes at BLACKPOOL and ROTHBURY are ok but many private / council homes are just not up to the standard we expect as carers .
iam sure many private homes will be waiting for the phones to ring and start taking bookings .
why is the respite care just for working carers ive listened to the reports and it clearly states working carers what about me the old doll gets 4 weeks per year free fom M.O.D. and thats all we want but my problem is when she`s in dock what do i do i sit and wait or clean the house or sit and wait or clean the house or sit well you get the idea when she is away why cant the state pay for me to have a holiday last time i asked this question i was advised to contact local charities for help i was even told to ask CARERS UK for help what a joke we have wasted a hell of a lot of time and effort over the last 9 months .

Hi George

The strategy doesn't actually say that the £150m for respite is just for working carers. There is £38m to support working carers but that is separate to the respite amount.

The strategy says: 'In response to the high value placed upon breaks by carers, we are investing £150 million over the next two years. this extra funding recognises the value of carers in today's society and their ever-growing importance in the future.'

£150 million is peanuts what do they think they are playing with monkeys the government should be looking at spending billions. That is the least carers deserve
Can Cuk ask the government what the point of any of this is
when we can`t even afford to live day to day, you might think this is dramatic
but this is going to cost carers and carees lives, I have had to go food shopping this afternoon and spent £78.00 and for that I got half as much as last month, this is just food petrol diesel can`t afford to go to doctors and hospital appointments, gas electric. everything major has just been bypassed and they have manipulated, to appear to be doing something, a waste of time efoort and money.

Sorry tony but you have to face facts.......MP's cannot live on a £1000 per week + expenses
thats why the speaker wants extra............. so they can have a decent standard of living so BU**ER off and live on you're £50 pounds.

This extra respite care is absolutely disgraceful and an abomination especially if you're over 65 because you are expected to pay for it anyway,10 years and this is all that they can come up with is a sad but indicative of persons who live in a different world and do'nt give a monkeys for you're commitment.......even animals place a better standard on their offsprings they kill them rather than make them suffer......but society or governments thinks entirely differently they want to make you suffer.... for looking after the affected
Hi George

The 6 million figure refers to the total number of carers in the UK (3 million of which are working carers).

The respite money is not targeted at any particular group of carers.

So why did IVAN THE TERRIBLE say more than once working carers ????

ive checked his tape
the old doll can get respite via veterans agency M.O.D. and its free 4 weeks per year but we also asked social services and after a check said she would have to pay she has state pension of £33 all her other pension is war related and should be disregarded as they do for council tax housing benefit .