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Respite Care

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It is most definitely a very sorry state of affairs that is just being swept under the carpet isn't it. Very few people seem to be getting the support they need and that is just not good enough. I am very sorry to hear that your situation is so difficult. :-(
Our local hospice is now extending it's services to a wider range of patients, even offering care at home, to people with disabilities, not just the terminally ill. It seems crazy that Rob can't get any respite because his needs are so high.
When my dad was in St Christopher's 3 years ago, there were patients there for respite, so some do it.
I think that the Scottish Hospices do not want to open a can of worms as there are at least 100 DMD families who will be losing their palliative care respite and that doesn't include the families with Cystic Fibrosis and other terminal conditions. None of the adult hospices up here provide respite only services like manicures and pedicures and getting your hair done - so not my son and his mates sort of thing!

Eun, all that 'manicures and pedicures' cr*p (sorry, I feel quite strongly about this!) is exactly what you find in Cancerworld. There is endless bl**dy fuss about making cancer patients feel 'comfortable' blah blah blah while the NHS refuses to fund the drugs that will actually keep them ALIVE.

To my mind, it's like offering 'manicures and pedicures' to people on the Titanic.....

Cheap tat while they're dying....disgraceful.

All best possible to you, as ever....Jenny
The whole situation is a disgrace from beginning to end. Feel for you, right now I don't think we can carry on doing this, burnout is the word, complete burnout.