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young carers

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has anyone else been offered young carers? my 14yr old son was referred to young carers as he helps out alot round the home,some ask why he gets it others want to know how he gets it first of all the referral was made by FRS worker as she put it no he may not be a fulltime carer like myself but he does take responibilty such as making beds and small things so is classed as a young carer for his siblings,he can attend young carers group once a fortnight and has been offered several activities which include trips,classes and holidays so if like myself you have a youngster or teen who helps you out with a caring role they might be intitled to register as a young carer wether it be a little or alot wether its helping a sibling or parent they are young carers Image
My two younger children belonged to a local group called, "The Sibling Group."It was for brothers and sisters of children with special needs.It started off very small, I was on the original committee,and the children used to help fundraise for the group, doing things like washing cars. They loved this just as much as any trip.
They went all over the place with the group, there was a salaried position for the person who did most of the organisation,and they had a wonderful time. Youth hostelling seemed to be the most popular,they went to a holiday camp once which was not the biggest success.The activity breaks were places they could all let off steam and have a great time;just be kids and not have to worry about caring duties.
I hope that your son gets as much out of it as my two did.
my two daughters go to two groups 1 on wednesday to help with younger carers and are going to alton towers in august to be helpers for the day and they go to a group on thurdays geared up for teen carers where they discuss there needs and get the help they need coping with the fact mums got alzheimers at 41 and other conditions,my son is still in denial but i wish he would go.i have the support of the admiral nurses and care coordinators,grimsby area is geared up for alzheimers support(thank god),malc

My 6 year old started recently at young carers. During the assessment she was asked about caring, as she gets older, we have noticed she has started to help round the home and it allows her to meet other children in similar situations.

One aspect she loves is the fact the mini-bus collects her from home and takes her to the group. It has been very good for her.
my children have never been offered anyting like this but the youngest and her friend (whose mum is recovring from cancer) have spoken to their teacher and are in the process of setting up a group in their school for children whose parents/carers are ill/disabled