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Respite Care

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"And, yes, I get totally p*ssed off when she goes on about their 'next' holiday - 2 so far this year with at least 1 more to come in the Autumn - in total the one week I managed in the last year cost me plenty - the cost of my own break; cost of putting cat in cattery and cost of Mum going into respite care - for the price of that one week's holiday in the UK I could have had a 3 week holiday somewhere hot and sunny "

Arghhh, sounds to close to home for me. Two days ago I decided to look for a holiday online and ended up in tears and screaming at my husband (my caree). If I go away it costs me £115 a day for a carer to stay with my husband. What's the point of looking for a cheap holiday when paying for care whilst I'm away will cost 4x as much as my holiday? I have to pay for care when I visit my sister in the U.S. once a year, but she's disabled herself and I REALLY want some time away from any aspect of caring. I'm not skint, but I'll have to win a big lottery payout in order to take the breaks I need.
It's pointless reminding them of their broken promises. During a heated discussion when my brother told me he was not being nasty, but my sister in law works hard!!!! I did remind him of what he said, but he said that I've never asked him. I told him that he had never said I had to ask. And I'm not going to ask as I know I'll get some excuse. Plus my mam doesn't want us arguing or falling out over her. So I have bite my lip and say nothing. I would rather they came to me and told me when they could take over. My mam told my brother that it's not easy being a carer and he agreed. She mentioned how I've looked after her and my dad and quite often had to come out during the night. My brother said that she should have called him out during the night. Laugh!!!! I nearly split my sides. They don't have a landline and their mobiles are downstairs while they are upstairs in bed. How is she supposed to call them out. I once had to have my dad taken to hospital early in the morning. He went in the ambulance and I took my mam with me in the car. On the way we stopped to tell my brother as we couldn't get an answer on either mobiles. I knocked several times on the door and even threw stones at their bedroom window. All to no avail. I just had to wait until a reasonable time to phone my niece and get her to phone her dad. I would have to rely on family if i did have a holiday as, after reading what others say, I don't have the money to be able to pay for care.