Respite and Self Funding

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I know this is probably a silly question but has anyone ever managed to get any respite paid for? I mean actualy paying for person who needs care to have a week in respite home and funding provided for it?
Like I say silly question but if you don't ask you don't get.
My two aunties lived together ad were co-dependent or co-Carers.
One auntie was taken to hospital with some infection, so the other auntie was admitted to a home for "respite" in a sense.

It's about ten years ago now, so I have forgotten some of the details.

I think the council paid for the respite, but not sure?
some of my friends have respite for their grown-up disabled children. This is in respite units and care homes which also offer respite. This is paid for by social care and the caree has to pay some towards it out of their benefits.