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PS: it's funny eh..... I've been a member on here for ages, but for some reason I only post here when I'm feeling the pinch. I'll add that to my mental list of indications my coping skills are weakening.... :D
Try booking one respite break as soon as you've had the last one. You may find that just knowing this is coming up lifts the spirits. Then book a night or two away for yourself. There are loads of out of season holiday places to go. Just think of an area you would like to visit and then look at Late Rooms or Sykes Cottages or similar. Rooms which cost £500 or more during the summer plummet to £200 out of season.
bowlingbun wrote:Nenuphar, would it be possible for you to book a series of respite breaks? Then you could look forward to your next break, and perhaps make the time in between easier to bear? (Whenever I've been involved in meeting planning, I've persuaded those involved to plan a series, rather than individual meetings. It's so much easier if everyone knows that on the first Monday of the month they will always be...
Just NOT possible .It is called a Rolling Respite. But it does not exist Finding respite for even
one week is becoming almost impossible Social Services are removing this facility, as they
want only long term residents . I have just tried 5 homes to take my 96 year old mother in,
as I have to have an operation on my shoulder and will have a sling on for 4 weeks minimum
A one armed carer (unpaid) is of no use The S.S were informed of the situation, and are coming to assess HER needs, not one mention of what my needs will be . Seems the answer
is ,as a pre poster suggested is to up sticks and get my life back.
I too have not had any respite either in 16 years............... my wife did have 2 breaks in the first 3 years out of hospital when she went with Headway for a week each time , but since she has left Headway to make room for new patients, she too has not had any respite.
When my dad was alive , and always in and out of hospital we got a slap on the wrist by DWP ...
a guy called to make an appointment to come to our home as dad had reached the 4 weeks maximum total limit before it effected his benefits,
when he arrived he soon learnt that we were not aware of a 4 week period of care in hospital before it had an effect on the benefits , and said not to worry he will sort it so dads money wont be stopped as we provided proof we had never been informed of such time scales.

it was him who then suggested i became mums carer and went on to explain things to me , one of the things he said that i found strange was ,,, being a carer IF i wanted to go away on a holiday or even a weekend brake . he said YOU MUST inform the DWP that you plan in going away and they will decide to stop your money or not for the time your away, he then said to mum if you were to put your husband into respite this would eat into his 4 weeks time period , and your carers money would be cut or terminated for the amount of time he was in respite .
he then explained that if mum were to go away , and we arranged a carer to come to the house and stay we would have to pay for "" tokens "" as in our area it is provided by the local council.

so from what he gave the impression off , having a brake or putting dad into respite would actually cost us money and have our benefits cut or terminated for the period of time.

yet i know other carers who go away for 2 weeks every single year and still get carers allowance as they have been told it has no effect on carers allowance