It was claimed today that the elderly who go "private " in the residental social care system some 40% subsidise those who have their payments met by local authority they want the state tp pay for their care even if they are private we all know what the welfare reform green paper has in store but the removal of ATTENDANCE ALLOWANCE is not for residential social care as the minister has said the removal of attendance allowance would result in the same amount of money being handed over to the local autority for social services to then hand back to the elderly disabled are they now sayimg if the attendance allowance was removed only the elderly within residential social care would receive the extra cash towards their residential social care .
Its time families who decide to care for their elderly disabled parents got more help and financial support we save the state cash we have accepted our responsabilities have we not and what do we get the carers allowance £53 per week the attendance allowance to help support the elderly disabled adult and we save them some £23-000 per year just last week it was stated that the carers who receive the carers allowance save the state some 23 billion £`s per year from the social care budget alone we should be the first line of social care we should be helped and supported not put under pressure every single day as we wait for yet another review or reform we need stability in our lives if we as carers decide to give up our care work the cost to the state would be over 80 billion£`s per year the N.H.S. would never manage without carers working 24/7