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Reporting Care Agency issues to CQC - what a joke - Carers UK Forum

Reporting Care Agency issues to CQC - what a joke

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I've managed to have the courage to email the CQC about the myriad of problems the Care Agency have caused since 2015, including damage to my Mum's belongs/property; where the Care Manager insists is 'wear + tear', yeah; deliberate wear + tear. Also about the problems the local authority have caused and continue to only back/support the Care Agency.

The CQC have informed me, according to the Care Act 2014 I have to make official Complaints to everyone prior to approaching them. How can I when all involved resist my involvement - more like resist me scrutinizing their poor standards, but insist I'm perfect; when the local authority get paid by Tax Payers money?

How to get round bureaucracy, when it's more a case of bureau-crazy.

I'd love to wipe the smugness off the faces by naming + shaming all involved in the local press, I emailed them quite some time ago; didn't get any response.
Have a look at this


Eileen Stubbs was a whistleblower and still passionate about care of the elderly.
Penny wrote:
Fri Aug 20, 2021 8:31 pm
Have a look at this


Eileen Stubbs was a whistleblower and still passionate about care of the elderly.
I contacted Eileen Stubbs a very long time ago, she wasn't interested.
CQC are toothless.

It is very frustrating and exhausting having to jump through hoops when trying to get the best care for our carees.

Carers UK provides this advice https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... complaints

and Age Uk provides advice too https://www.ageuk.org.uk/information-ad ... -homecare/

What is the point of CQC's existence, than to have as much bureaucracy to protect themselves and the very agencies they falsely rate? Too much fakery around, when it's the most vulnerable in society that they have all the freedom to abuse.....what goes round will bite 'em good 'n' proper where needed.
I have no faith in the CQC following recent dealings I’ve had with them.
Just lip service is all I received when formal complaints were made with no follow up action of any worth.
Begs the question of who actually is there for support when necessary as many agencies are not fit for purpose in my experience
The home where my Mum spent her last 3 years was fantastic. Mum was loved and cared for beautifully. I never had to complain once. The meals were all homecooked and I often had lunch with her as did many other families because they were so lovely. Her room was perfect, the staff were kind and friendly and the place was spotless. families were totally included and there were regular meetings and updates. There were lovely sheltered courtyard gardens and staff encouraged people to enjoy sitting outside and provided suncream, hats and ice lollies. CQC rated it Good but it was outstanding to everyone I spoke to.

The home where my Mum spent 8 months prior to this has been rated Good and I cannot believe it. All the furniture was ancient, staff were nasty and rude to residents and hid if they saw visitors! The food was all convenience stuff, just plonked in the oven and portions were tiny. Residents had no choices and were even told where to sit at mealtimes. They were never taken outside in good weather. There were never any meetings for family and we were discouraged from visiting frequently.

how can CQC rate two hugely different places as “Good”? i have no faith in them either.
Is CQC a Government body? That would explain why they don't operate as they make out. People don't need obfuscation, they need common decency for what they stand for... Looks like, like most agencies; they've really lost touch with being a 'service' to society.
The nursing home my husband was in was good for a long time. Had to care manage though. As he declined so did the home.
I and the hospital where he was being treated for a bowel problem ( he had vascular dementia) could not get an answer as to why he could not return. I contacted the CQC asking what was the role of the nurses,why were they called nurses if couldn't nurse? Was promised they would get back to me, and also explain who was in charge of them as the manager and owner wasn't?
I've never had the explanation. Very disappointed. As most of you know hubby died in May 2019, in hospital. Wouldn't have minded having the explanation even so. Left a bitter taste for ages.
Feel very much for anyone trying to get things sorted for loved ones.