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Possibly a first..

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Today our daughter's Social Services care manager is leaving. He is only young, early twenties and had decided to do something completely different for a while..almost like a gap year but it will probably be for longer.

He became our care manager after a catalogue of errors by a previous colleague (the main one being ignoring all my emails/calls for months until a crisis happened) and following a formal complaint made by our family.
From day one, he has done what he promised to do, was truthful when he couldn't do something, worked tirelessly to get the outcome that both our daughter and ourselves wanted. My daughter's LD support team were excellent, including psychology and nursing, they supported us all the way.

There are so many lousy workers out there who could do more but don't, who promise things that don't materialise..we all have had experience of them.

So it is with mixed feelings that I see him go. I'm genuinely sad because it's been good to work with someone who listens and who does their best for their client but also happy because although things didn't work out as planned, my caree is still living away from home and is happy to do so.

I'm trying not too think too far ahead as her present hospital placement is temporary..hopefully whoever takes over her case will work along the same lines.

Just thought I would post to say that they are not all bad. Image Image
Thanks for the update, Ladybird.

It is good to hear positive tales of SW - because the good ones are very few and far between.

That's good to hear. I am on the verge of contacting our SS and asking for a new social worker. We last saw ours about 2 years ago and he's hopeless. Can't remember the last time my daughter had a review.

Hope you get a good one next time around. Image
I know I was very fortunate when Mum was alive with our social worker. They did everything possible to assist in view of the circumstances of me living abroad. When I read some of the horror stories with social services I have to count my blessings because it would have made life even more difficult than it was being so far away part of the month.

What a pity that everyone doesn't have the same experience.
Bell x
Hope you get a good replacement,and nice to hear of somebody doing their job right for a change. Image Image Image
I was a social worker 35 years ago. Now I have an adult son with LD. If I had behaved like some of the current social workers are behaving towards me, I'd have been given the sack. Here is the latest in a long saga. I have made allegations of financial abuse against a care provider. No joy from anyone, now in the hands of the Ombudsman. Social Services reorganisation means I'm given a new social worker, who will supposedly sort everything else. On her first visit, she tells me her maths are so bad she's thinking of going on a Basic Numeracy course. It didn't bode well. Over a year later, no improvement. Aforementioned social worker has supposedly been sent some relevant sheets by the care provider, then said she'd "checked them and thrown them away!!!" I make yet another complaint, demand them before the next Adult Protection meeting on February 22nd. Lo and behold, papers arrived yesterday. Supposedly checked by Manager of the care provider, and the social worker. An absolute disgrace. They are supposed to record the balance of my son's bank account at the beginning of the week, at the end of the week, all money paid in and all money paid out. In fact some of the sheets don't record ANY of these. It's not just my son who can't do any maths!!! The real tragedy of all this is that I have a degree in Business Studies, and have run my own business for 20 years. If only I was allowed, in less than 15 minutes, I could show all concerned, very quickly and easily, where they are going wrong, and how they could get them right every time - but as I'm "just a parent" no one will listen to me.
Just good to read your words Image Image