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relieved but scared

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mum has finally had the green light to come out of hospital next week. One side of me is feeling an immense relief from the daily treks to the hospital and the ups and downs of her time there. But now the realisation of having to care for her is hitting in. Social have been very good and are trying to arrange for 4 visits a day, but we will have to manage with 3 initially, which is going to help the situation.

I have a bad back so will be unable to lift so am worried about other times during the day when she may need help. I thought she maybe able to claim attendance allowance to help pay for additional home help but can she claim for attendance allowance as well as getting these visits?
Yes she can claim AA as well as care from Social Services. SS will need to be aware however in their financial assessment which probably has not been done just yet.

Hope her return home goes well. It usually takes a while for all concerned to adjust.

Take care of that back Image

Hope the transition goes well Jane Image
Hope everything works out for you. Image Image Image
If your mum hasn't had Attendance Allowance before, be sure to ring the helpline and get a benefits check - you may be entitled to Carer's Allowance and if either you or your mum receive these benefits they count as a passport to others. It can be a minefield, which is why the helpline will be able to give you good advice. My mum was in hospital for over a month, and it took time to adjust to being home again, when she could finally relax and admit that she was weary of it all. So don't worry if she just wants to eat and sleep and rest and shows little interest in anything to start with. Even after I was in hospital for just 5 days, having a knee replacement, this applied to me, and I'm only 59! I hope it all goes well, but if you are worried with something, no matter how trivial, share it with your Forum Friends and we may be able to give a bit more support. Good luck.
I look after my mum and went through what you are going through, but you will find love will see you through, we get AA, yes do ring the help line, they can tell you what you can get, i found it hard no funny to start with, but you soon get into a routeing, and the hospital told me how to lift, but do mind your back its no good if you are layed up as well, keep you chin up and keep chatting let us know how you get on in your first week, hour by hour if you feel like it, but make sure you get time to your self, even if its just 10min in the garden, maybe with a coat on at the moment. Image
Hi Jane, hope you work out a way of juggling everything.

We're here in cyber space to offer support.

Huge thanks for all the advice and kind thoughts. It is really daunting the not knowing how I'll cope with it all and things looks so tough and bleak at the moment. I am sure it will all fall into place.
Why not ring the benefits helpline - we were surprised just how helpful they were. They will be able to help you with attendence allowance as well as carer's etc. Apply for everything you think you may be able to get - they can only say no!
Good advice Debra............and if they say "No" be sure to ask "Why not?".

Hope you receive good homecare support and find a routine which suits you and lets you have some time to yourself too Jane.

There is always someone around here to help with advice if required.

Take care