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Long Term Delirium

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I've been looking and can't really see any information about dealing with long term delirium. Brief history - Wife admitted to hospital caught an infection, developed into sepsis and along the way developed delirium. It's been 15 months now and she's pretty much bed bound at home. I get some care, not much - luckily I can work from home a fair bit. The doctors have pretty much given up on her from a delirium point of view - told me that there's nothing they can do nor is there likely to be any improvement. Medically she's ok .. she's 60 so has, all things considered 15-20 years maybe. It's slowly ruining our health, our financial position and ultimately our relationship.

I suppose it's pretty much the same as dementia but without the long slow decline. The wild mood swings, paranoia and short term memory loss are hard to deal with. Respite care isn't going to work. As soon as she's in hospital or away from home the delirium is exacerbated and she ends up calling the police or getting pretty aggressive.

Anyone have any useful links or articles?

Did the hospital do an NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment? It's a bit of a postcode lottery I'm afraid. Would you really like more care at home or permanent residential care in a specialist home? Are you claiming her exemption fron Council Tax as she has severe mental impairment? PIP care and mobility? Any guaranteed time off, or carers to help you from Social Services?
In my husband's case, delirium and urinary tract infections were masking vascular dementia. His stroke consultant explained that after 6weeks of delirium, it should be cleared, with medication. Any longer and it's a sign of something else. ,
I've googled delirium v dementia. It may help you. I'm sad you are going through this. It's horrible. I'm also sorry I can't add a more positive answer to you. Others may, hopefully. You do need to look after yourself.
Yeah, i've looked at the comparisons between the two and in reality, the symptoms and effect are similar at any point in time with dementia slowly getting worse.

I've spoken to the various agencies and the useless doctors and because they are diagnosing, still, delirium, they're not classing it as a permanent condition. I'm escalating that, but I'm under no illusions as to the general ability or interest of the various agencies in getting anything done. My aim is to get a PIP sorted and the council tax reduced at least

thanks for the replies.
Definitely ask the GP to arrange a Continuing Healthcare assessment asap, as it takes about 3 months wait before it actually happens.
If its any help - my mother had/has delerium that stemmed from a chest infection (pneumonia) that the GP failed to pick up for over 6 weeks. By the time I got her admitted to hospital she was swearing, hitting me and smoking 97 ciggies a day - and at 91 that was terrifying so I know a little of what you are going through xx

Mother was prescribed Qetiapine before dispatch and is still on them. She takes one at night but is noticeably aggressive still 6pm onward. These tabs do help though....xx