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References for carers?

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Ive been one of the main carers for my grandmother for several years. As a result Ive been out of paid employment altogether. Circumstances have changed and now Im looking to build a career from scratch. But finding anyone to provide references is difficult. Really the only ones who are aware of what Ive been doing in terms of caring are members of my family, but forms usually say you cant have references from a member of the family.

So I feel trapped, I cant get a job with references, but I can get references without getting a job! What have carers in similar positions done?
I'd try your GP - or better yet, your gran's GP. They are most likely to know what you've been doing and being a professional carry a certain amount of weight.

Your gran's social worker (if you got on ok) would be another possibility - basically anyone who had professional contact with your gran. When I was in a similar position (my firm had gone bust so I had nobody to give a reference) my GP and local minister gave me character references.

They must have been mad in my case, but they will have seen how good your caring was.
as charles said gp and social services even health visitors
Hi, priest or minister will usually do too!
Hi request a letter from DWP stating you were a carer. Also request a letter from Job centre to confirm you were unable to work due to caring. Your JSA personal advisor should help you with this. regards Alan