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An update

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I set up a petition a while ago to send to Medway Council about the unfair charges for a concessionary bus fare for carers. As we wern't really getting any where fat woth them, being told alot of rubbish I decided to contact the equality and human rights commission Helpline. They quoted me part of the DDA that if I cannot access the bus (and I apeak for all disabled people) a service provider (Medway Council) must take reasonable steps to
change the practice policy or procedure or
provide an auxiliary aid or service if it would enable or make it easier for disabled people to make use of its service.
After showing this to their legal people that have decided to ignoret his and are not going to do anything. They are waiting for word from the Ombudsman and our local MP Bob Marshall Andrews, who we contacted and got no respose (surprise surprise) has decided to act on behalf of somebody else who has contacted him to see what can be done. We are not holding or breath. Hopefully something will come of it but who knows when? Take Care A very frustated Alison Image Image ]
Aw alison, I'm sorry this is not going easier but then again anything worth doing never does!

At least you have tried and you never know it may still come good! Image

marie x
Hi Alison.

I'd guess that the problem with your council is that they haven't checked that their actions may prevent access on the grounds of increased cost. £75 to someone with money is nothing compared to a regular daily trip into town over a year - but a lot more to someone who may use the bus only once a week, or less. Not much of a "concession" then, is it?