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Recognising carers

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This has came through but one comment above all stood out for me...

http://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/? ... ers#g843.1

Anne Begg (Aberdeen South, Labour) Link to this | Hansard source

I am delighted to hear that there will be an advertising campaign to make people aware of the right to request flexible working

Where is the advertising campaign to identify hidden carers.

I am a working carer,do not access CA and no matter what changes brought in I still wont.
My concerns are for those out there unaware of what they do,unaware of what they are and more importantly unaware of the changes ahead.

Advertising is all well and good but could have been used better than about something that still rests with an employer.

I hope I have not offended those who want to return to work and need all the help you can but I just feel so passionate about reaching hidden carers,about the 24/7 carers and an advertising blitz would have been a step forward.
How many dont have internet access,dont attend a local group but they do usually have a TV or radio.
This only my own thoughts but I feel a wasted opportunity.

Hi Rosemary

It will take longer to set up, but it is a theme in the new strategy, apparently - one of your earlier posts dealt with it but can't remember the thread name right off.
i am concerned about what they are going to do
about 24/7 carers too rosemary as you know im one
i just hope they get things right there is some people
out there who dont have family to help or no support
like myself i wonder how they will work that out Image Image
if they decided to put us to work they would be cheaper
giving us the money because she would still need 24/7
care so it worries me a lot Image Image