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Realising things have disappeared - Carers UK Forum

Realising things have disappeared

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Now I have time to think about things I am realising things have gone missing from the house, nothing valuable but old things - an old dressing table set and a fancy smokers pipe. Goodness knows what I haven't noticed yet and not sure how long ago they were taken, definitely seen both since dad was moved downstairs so no one should have been poking around in wardrobes.

Be warned all you people with carers trapsing in and out to hide things and move things!
Oh no Henrietta. How horrible. It's not the value in monetary terms. They were your family items and the fact that someone has taken them. (((Hugs))).
Oh gods - isn't that the worst intrusion? More {{{{hugs}}}}}
My mum's cae staff kept nicking cutlery, especially teaspoons.....until I bought some really basic ones from ebay! Her gardeners were all thieves. I told mum not to give them the key to dad 's workshop/garage. Allmost all his power tools, even his folding platform went! One lived next to my brother, and I saw he had lots of newly moved daffodils in his front garden, and knew where they'd come from. For years, I'd planned to bring some home, in her memory, as we had done with mum in laws. There were none left for me to take! They were very special varieties, not your average daffs.
I'm not, for a moment, excusing thefts - but we do have to bear in mind that care-workers are paid very poorly, and it could be that they think 'oh, easy for the family - they've got loads of stuff compared with me'.....

As BB says, though, it's the personal items that are most precious, the sentimental value.