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My mother is coming out of hospital tomorrow for the second time in 2 months. The first time she was discharged on a 'home first' program where she was supposed to be evaluated over 72 hours and assessed to if she qualified for reablement. The assessment took 30 days before she was put on reablement. She was on this seven days before she had to return to hospital with her recurrent urinary tract infection. This week of reablement care was just basic care, nothing to promote her getting stronger or doing more for herself, just basic washing in bed, pad changing etc. The social worker had indicated it would be proactive to promote her regaining strength and ability to use her zimmerr frame.

The second stay in hospital lasted over 10 days and the reablement program was terminated after 7 days. Does anyone know if she will be reassessed for the reablement program or will the council simply put her on a care package for which she will have to pay from the get go? That would be a great shame because the council did say she was suitable for reablement before the uti returned.

What are your experiences or understanding of what reablement is? Is it just basic care or something additional?

I did find out that there is a 12 week wait for the community physical therapy package that she was promised back in June when she was first discharged! Mum is 94 and I want her to get all the help possible to strengthen her up. She's been in bed for way too long with only a few hours daily in a chair. Before she was independent in her own home.

Any thoughts welcomed.
Look at the website and type in reablement. I've just done this, thought there was a 6 week time limit but apparently it can be MORE than 6 weeks under some circumstances. The hospital should have sorted this out before discharge was arranged!
Thanks, I'll do that. The hospital (requires improvement by cqc after their last two audits!) should have done multiple things including medication in blister packs, air mattress, occupational therapy assessment to name a few things!

They are experts in messing up and then washing their hands of the issue.
Rosemary_1706 wrote:Thanks, I'll do that. The hospital (requires improvement by cqc after their last two audits!)

They are experts in messing up and then washing their hands of the issue.
At least their personal hygiene is ok ;) :D
Yes Mrsaverage. As clean as a new pin!
My mother had six weeks of free reablement after seven weeks in hospital. Unfortunately, it became clear at the end of that time that she would not be fit to return home and would need residential care. As it took another week to organise that, the unit were happy for her to stay on - but we had to pay.
Mum came home today but with no enablement. Her admission notes described her as bed bound, living with daughter. The fact is she was told by district nurse to rest in bed f or her desires acquired in hospital a l, but she had just started her first enablement period w when the utilities returned and she has severe constipation.

Now I have to convince the discharge staff that she is not bed bound. They have labelled her wrongly and just sent her home with carers and no reablement plan! And the hospital messed up her meds again. this is so frustrating.
of course the computer thinks it knows better than me! in my last post "desires" should read bed sores and utilities should read urinary tract infection.

it's those gremlins again!
She shouldn't have acquired bed sores in hospital! It's awful when you are stuck with such incompetence. I think you should tell CQC.