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Re New Car

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Its fast approaching time to change our motorbility car and decided recently to go and have a look around..we have found one that i think will suit both my partner and also myself...we are around two weeks away before we can actually order it though and on talking to the motorbility man at the garage he said before we can order it for you we require a deposit up front...ive never heard of this happening and i told him so but he said its the garages decision without that deposit we will not order this car for you..has anyone else come across this or is this a new thing thats been introduced that i didnt know about..its left us feeling we are being taken for a ride here i may be wrong but curious to hear if anyone else has had to do this.
Not all cars need a deposit, it usually depends on the make and model. I had a Citroen berlingo with no deposit.
If that particular garage insists on a deposit go to a garage that doesn't.
There are usually adverts in the local free press about motorbility car offers.
Hope you find something
Hi Barrie


This suggests that the payment is made on collecting the car. I'd check with Motability - 0845 456 4566 (8.30am till 5.30pm Monday to Friday) and see what they have to say.

Having said that, is the car you chose one without an "advance payment"? If so, find another dealer pronto.
These are the deals till June

We have always used Zafiras and last one we had was £200 advance payment. That was a few yrs ago though.
Let me clarify something..the car we chose had a deposit of £899,this is normally paid on the day you pick up the vehicle..what this garage said is we need £150 before we will even order the car.
I rang motorbility and they are aware of garages doing this although they do not agree with it,according to what motorbility said is to many people have been ordering cars and then cancelling them just before the delivery date and then the dealer is then left with the new car and with the current financial climate and the state of the car industry in general they are trying to recover some costs incase this happens it will also make people think before they order their next car.
Some people get a new car with nil deposits and this is fine but these are uaually quite a small car which is no good to me and my partner as i have to take a lot of things with us when we go out,and leg room/height is also a strong consideration when we look at a car as is the height of the seating as my partner has problems bending to far.
Anyways just thought i would clarify the situation so if your comming up for a new car beware you might be asked for a deposit before they will actually order your new vehicle
The advance payment can be paid when you order , but it is not due till you pick up the car , if you pay when you pick up they may not accept a credit card or cheque , cash or debit card is the best way ,,
If you have D.L.A. mobility allowance ... you will need a letter from the D.W.&.P. which will guarantee that you are entitled to 3 years allowance or more , the D.W.&.P. may ask you to attend a new medical to see if you will need the mobility supplement for the 3 years ..
if you have the war pensions mobility supplement W.P.M.S. this is usualy a lifetime award and proof of the allownace is all you will need , as all war pensions are as i say a lifetime award ..
Find another dealer! Our first Motability car we got we thought was wonderful, we had nothing but trouble until in the end even the salesman started blanking us when we went in, they even nicknamed my mother the rottweiler! She dont stand for fool's trust me!

Next dealer we couldnt have been more happy with, we changed our car and am so glad we did, ive never heard of a dealer taking a deposit before ordering! Walk away from them and find a dealer who respect's the disabled! I got quite angry with a salesman once who said "the cars free to you so why not have it!" do they not understand that the disabled person actually gives up there allowance for the car!

Enjoy searching for your new car though!
Our initial deposit payment on our Motobility adapted van was £7,000 so £899 is not bad! We will need to find this amount again in another couple of years when our 5 year agreement is up.

I paid a substantial deposit for my current car, a Nissan Note: the reason is that there are many different colours and variations, so they literally make them to order in order to avoid holding huge inventories. It's not usually a problem as long as you are buying from a reputable dealership.
If you get the top rate mobilty award for 2 years am I right in thinking you cant get a car?