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Posted: Sun May 20, 2007 6:14 pm
by joyhibbs
I have just been reading the info on the www.direct.gov.uk/carers website

There is a section on returning to work or taking up work while you are caring for someone.

It suggests "You could talk to an employment adviser at your local Jobcentreplus". Sounds great, but please read on.

I went into my local Jobcentreplus three weeks ago (before I read the info on the website) feeling optimistic because I was sure the advisers would want to help me, as a carer hoping to find work.

I explained that I was a carer on Carers Allowance and that I was keen to find work as well, that I could combine with caring. I asked if it would be possible for me to make an appointment to see an employment adviser. I was told that employment advisers didn't see carers. They were for unemployed people, I was told . There was a long queue of people behind me. I felt MORTIFIED and very inconsequential - as though I had no importance or value in the Jobcentre scheme of things! I said, very politely, that people on incapacity benefit and other benefits were able to see employment advisers, so I was confused that carers seemed to be (possibly) the only group of people on benefits who weren't entitled to help from advisers. It made no difference though.

The info on the directgov website left me v. confused as my experience is that there is no help at all at my Jobcentreplus. Carers really do need this help and advice as it is of course incredibly difficult to combine work with caring as we all know. Joy x

Hang on a mo, what

Posted: Sun May 20, 2007 8:15 pm
by Guest
Hang on a mo, what about this I got from my MP via 38 people before it got back to me.

Help is available to anyone who signs on whilst being a carer in the form of early entry to New Deal, which is a Government programme that aims to give unemployed people the help and support they need to get into work, but I am advised there does not appear to be anything specific for people who are no longer in a caring role.

However, where a person, who has been a carer, signs on they would, like any other JSA customer, have access to a Personal Adviser who would go through their full circumstances, assess any needs and draw up a Job Seekers Agreement with them. Advisers doe have discretion to allow early entry on to New Deal in execeptional circumstances but each case would be looked at on it's own merit.

That's disgraceful - it just goes to show carers are invisible.

Paula xx