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Councils and benefits

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After reading George’s posting regarding what you get when you’re a carer, reminded me of what the councils do.

You know when you’re disabled you get Council tax or housing benefit? My husband is the one who is disabled but it’s the carer that has to run down the council with all the personal paperwork (me). Bank statements, Building society statements, proof of this, proof of that. In fact, my bag is pretty heavy with the amount of paperwork I have to take down there in order that they photocopy everything to work out your benefit.

It’s no good sending in photocopies. These aren’t accepted, so you have to physically go down there with all your important paperwork for a total stranger to thoroughly examine, entry by entry. I know this needs to be done because of system abusers but this is a total invasion of privacy having to sit and watch them do this.

Whilst I am doing this deed, there is no-one looking after my husband either so woe betide if I’ve forgotten anything. This will mean another visit and so on.

Every Christmas, my husband’s aunt and cousin send us a “Christmas boxâ€Â
The problem ive had is they wanted 4 letters addressed to the old doll showing her pensions,entitlemnt to A.allowance ,war disablement pension , war widows pension,
for housing benefit and for council tax benefit they wanted 2 other forms of I.D. also the new tenancy showing the rent breakdown . and bank statements, BUT all the letters had to be with the new address on apart from tenancy had to call all egencies and ask them to send new leters out .
Also even though iam not getting any help with benefits ive had to send in details of my private pension , carers allowance bank statements utility bills oh forgot both had to take in passports as well they said it was to prove that the old doll had not put her money in my bank ????????? what money .

why cant we get ID CARDS with all benefits listed on them so when you move the benfits move with you and you dont have to start with a new claim we put the claim in 5th may we have had to pay previous landlord £150 1 weeks rent anchor housing received £330 but they want the next months rent on 1st june thats 1 week before our pensions and allowances go in as it happens we got our bond back so all is ok but we would be on the limit without housing benefit when you ask them they say dont worry it will be backdated the old doll said can you backdate it to CHARLES THE 1ST NOWT LIKE AN OWLD JOKE.

How can they tell from passports if she's put money in your account? It's infuriating to say the least. Image
Just me not making things clear .

That's ok George. I think you're great. Image
That's ok George. I think you're great. Image
After that comment I have phoned pub to widen the doors so wor George can get his head through this afternoon Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

I think if George was to run for PM he would get the majority of votes but dont tell him that Image Image
Local council discovered dad had premium bonds and stopped his housing benefit claim.

Was it megabucks??? No £2 in his name and £5 in my late mothers name, which was a nightmare to get the money back for.

He had forgotten he had them, and his reaction was cash them in and get my benefit back. The amount still appears on the benefit work-out forms and I have given up trying to get this corrected, but as he doesn`t have any savings the £7 would have made no difference anyway....What a waste of everyone`s time.

You`d think we carers had nothing else to do.

Take care
You`ve jogged my memory ive got about 50 quids worth of bonds in STANS name will have to check web site on how to cash them in .

GEORGE silly me Image
Hi George,

I had to send a letter along with a copy of mum`s death certificate and a letter from the bank saying a cheque in her name would no longer be able to be paid into her account. It took a few weeks and many phone calls, but we got there in the end.

Hope this helps............they check they are not winners, so fingers crossed, you might be lucky.

Take care