M.P`S want an above inflation pay rise and and extra £23-000 pounds up front to pay for their second homes this will enable them not to claim expenses what a load of **** if they spend over the propossed £23-000 they will then have to put in claim for expenses one M.P. said a head teacher had more pay than many M.P`S i know who deserves the pay rise the most. (carers)

look at your average carer middle age man/woman looking after elderly/young disable relative many are fighting just to save the 1 house they have some like me have already sold house because of the situation we found ourselves in .
we have to fight for many benefits just to survive many of us live on carers allowance alone within the family we have disability benefits ,council tax benefits, housing benefit we have to jump through hoops day in day out just to stand still its a well known fact that it cost more to live in a home with a disabled elderly/young person to care for and we "SAVE" the state 90 billion per year because of the work we do .
and when we reach pensionable age a time when you should be looking forward to some time to yourself but as a carer you will carry on as normal yet what help do you get removal of the carers allowance and just your pension and then you fight for pensioner credit to give you what you deserve.
carers like me and there are many of us who have private pension we get no help at all our private pensions should be disregarded even if part was disregarded say the £95 that a carer can earn before the loss of allowance i would qualify for help .

GEORGE ======