Re: Cleaning up soiled wetroom from doubly incontinent caree

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Any thoughts on whether this (cleaning and tidy of floor and cleaning of wc) falls under paid carer remit or not?

They did it tonight 'but not part their job'.

Don't see how it is different if they change my mum rather her doing it herself (as that's what cause of mess was).

Should I be insisting to care agy manager that staff have to do this (or if they don't it'll be a complaint)

If it helps asking carers do it roughly once a week not every day or anything approaching that.
As part of my fathers care plan it says carers should do the cleaning and wash his clothes (especially after episodes of incontinence). His immune system is compromised so he needs to be in a clean area and is unable to clean himself. Many of the carers refuse to do it however and those that will do it complain. I haven't found social services to be very supportive in taking action.

It might be worth checking what the care plan says and if the Agency have produced any information on what carers will and won't do? Most of those we have used have said carers will do Light domestic work.
Hi , yes as with similar post elsewhere it is definitely part of their remit and do not accept any nonsense saying otherwise, complain to their office. Surely if it is a regular occurence they should be assessing for alternative ways of handling the situation. Pads, pull up pants, more frequent changes, commodes, If it is a regular problem then the carers don't sound as though they are managing with things as they are so perhaps review needs assessment. Consider use of incontinence bed/cushion pads on the floor when pulling down pants as easier to contain any spills. Allow adequate time on commode before shower or shower while sat on bathroom commode seat, or use 2 carers if one needs to support while the other one changes and cleans. It just needs better management not excuses.