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Re: carers council tax discount

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Good Afternoon all,

I just want to check that the discount given to us is correct because how i read it on here we should be getting a 50% Discount as both my wife who gets carers allowance and myself who also cares for our mum as I do all her driving needs and help her as she is a big lady.

We only got awarded a 25% reduction this was backdated to 1993 but surely it should have been 50% ?

It would appear they have only disregarded my wife.

Our mum get attendance allowance, and both elements of DLA at the higher rate.

Am i missing something here or am i correct and should go back to the council.

Below is the extract from this website:

A 50% reduction - if, after taking into account disregarded people, there are no residents who would count for council tax a 50% reduction is applied to the bill

To be 'disregarded' as a carer, you must:

* provide care for at least 35 hours a week and
* live in the same property as the person you are caring for and
* not be the spouse or partner of the person you care for, or their parent if you care for a child under 18 and
* the person you care for must receive either the highest rate of the care component of Disability Living Allowance or the higher rate of attendance allowance or constant attendance allowance

You don't have to claim Carer's Allowance to qualify for this discount, and your income and savings will not affect your eligibility. If there is more than one carer in the property, they can both be ignored for council tax purposes as long as they both meet the conditions.

Other categories of people who are disregarded for council tax include the following:



The maximum discount is 25% (well in Leeds it is). You go down 1 band if a person needs use of a wheelchair in the house and uses a room (dining or lounge etc as a bedroom), or if you are already on the lowest council band you get a discount of 15%.

Hi Leon

Is it possible that they are including your mum as a person who 'counts' for council tax?

If both you and your wife were disregarded (which you should be as you are both carers), that would leave your mum and if she 'counts' for council tax, only a 25% reduction would be applied.

If your mum is disregarded too you should get 50%. Check that your mum meets the criteria for being disregarded by calling CarersLine on freephone 0808 808 7777 (Weds and Thurs 10am till 12 noon and 2-4pm).

Best wishes

Hiya Christine,

Thanks for getting back on this, it is so confusing the people that write the government acts dont make it very clear.

IMHO i would of though as she is a pensioner on AA,DLA she would be disregarded anyway so if they are regarding her that must be wrong.

I will have another read of the council tax act and see if it comes across any clearer.

Thank You for your help.


Hiya leon
Me and my hubby both care for my mum who lives with us and we were entitled to a 25% reduction in the council tax. If my mum had a mental health impairment then she would also be disregarded therefore us having a 50% reduction but she only has mobility probs.
We also get a band reduction due to us having a downstairs wetroom etc for her use too
It all helps!
Good luck

Li x

Thank You for verifying that, so that was where i was going wrong, so she is regarded and would have to have a mental health issue to be disregarded which she is not.

Ok on to Adult services next as she has not had an assessment in years

Thank You for clearingthat for me.


I was told if you care for a spouse you don't qualify for a reduction in C.T. is this correct.
We have a wetroom too!

marie x
Hiya Marie,

Yes as I understand it this is true, although the caring you do is over and above what a healthy couple would do so I believe this ruling is wrong.