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Re- ATOS form for our carees, - Carers UK Forum

Re- ATOS form for our carees,

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Can CUK help one fill this in please?
Try the helpline, Butterfly.
Hi butterfly
ATOS is a dirty word in our house........they say it is a Medical BUT its a written computer program that is rigid in its answers. if you see the assessor constantly reading from the computer its because its not their assessment but an ATOS program. You are not treated as an
individual Image Image Image
If your response and what you write on your form is not what fits into their little boxes the person completing the medical assessment will opt for the lesser important answer.
The form is very small and i divided each space with another line to put in all my husbands details, even then it didnt fit it all in.

It depends on how complex the person is you care for as we had complex problems the ATOS company had no perameters for.
My husband was put into the Work Related Activity as safe to work within the next 3-6 months !!!
He has numerous epileptic seizures EVERY day as we knew and Neurologist wrote it is degenerative. ( ignore completely Neurologists letters)
Memory problems safety issues and paralysis for a few hours post seizure. He also is totally deaf in one ear and is doubly incontinent with the seizures and for few hours after.( quick rundown Image )

I requested a copy of the doctors report as is your right and i found he had ignored everything and put Andy as fully mobile, fit apart from one seizure per month and no incontinence with full hearing capabilities.
He quoted the ESA50 and had totally misquoted. What he wrote was not on any page.
I took them to the complaints company and involved ESA Dept too. It was one hell of a complaint with much documented evidence from all nurses ,Specialist,GP , occ Therapist and social worker.

i was lucky that i had medical knowledge being a senior nurse for 28 years BUT it was a harrowing experience. i received a full apology from ATOS and they retracted their report allowing us to present again without having to go to their clinics. Andy was put into the "liminted Capability for Work Group" where he should have been in the first place.
We got backpay awarded from the day we signed up.
I then took early retirement and my NHS pension and it felt good putting 2 very solid fingers up at them. I am lucky i could but i complained more to show they lied and consistently abused our vulnerable position. The doctor making the report apologied for everything and said he was totally out of order........this happens every day with them, so ive found online re" ESA problems with ATOS" Try putting it into google to search - you will be shocked.
If you think the decision is not what you wanted i would automatically request a report copy. Its your right and is written in each booklet.

I would be only too happy to email you a copy of my complaint and its reply if you would like to quote it. I have no worries re repercussions from ESA or ATOS as they no longer hold me to ransom.

Kindness and Friendship - Mandy
Dear Mandy
Thank you so much for your post.
It is very kind of you to share your experience with this.
At present we are awaiting their reply.
Well done to you for succeeding in proving your husbands entitlement.
Thanks again for the information and offer of your letter of complaint.
I will wait and see first what their decision will be.
With best wishes
C-UK is a very small charity, mainly because most carers don't give them enough money to help them grow. I do donate a small amount each year, but that is my business, and I am probably the exception.
So, by all means phone them for advice, but be aware that they are under a lot of pressure, and most inquiries can be dealt with through a quick call to you local CAB or welfare rights office.
Scally i believe the reason that a lot of carers dont donate is not through unwillingness but because they simply cant afford too. Blimey ive only been missing from this site a few weeks. For a while there i thought this was MSE.
diva - what is MSE ?

I just added a rounded figure to my yearly fee for Carers UK. I didnt have much but felt any little helps.
Mandy x
MSE - Money Saving Expert
Dense again but what is that , is it a forum or a marketing company or finance company ?
Patience guys im new to all this computer jargon. i even have the computers for dummies book Image Image Image its great but only covers so much
MSE website good info on there sometimes depending on what sort of advice info etc your looking for I suppose.


and the MSE forum